Zebronics To Tap Surveillance Segment With Affordable Products

Zebronics To Tap Surveillance Segment With Affordable Products

Peripherals player Zebronics is eyeing high on two segments- LED and surveillance. With their strong foot on exisiting markets, the Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India speaks with B Swaminathan Associate Editor Excerpts :

Swaminathan (Swami): What is the position of your company in Indian market?

Rajesh Doshi (Rajesh): Zebronics is No 1 peripheral brand and fast growing brand in consumer electronics. Zebronics brand enjoys the trust of consumers since two decades now, has come a long way. With our EQR mantra(excellence, quality and reliability) and value for money, we would soon be among the top leading consumer electronics and surveillance brands of the country.

Swami: What are the three major milestones you achieved in this 2015 calendar year

Rajesh: The first milestone for Zebronics in 2015 was entry into Television market, expanding the product range further in consumer electronics segment. The next milestone was launch of surveillance products, in the short period of time we now have vast range of products in surveillance. The 3rd milestone will be the awards and appreciation, we have received more than 10 awards this year including Best Tech emerging brand by The Economic Times Best Tech Brands.

Swami: Explain your channel network in India

Rajesh: Zebronics products are available throughout the country. We have a vast channel of distributors and dealers network, direct and indirect that make sure our products are available even in the C and D tier cities.

Swami: What, according to you is the biggest assert of your channel policies?

Rajesh: We value our relationship with our channel partners, they are very loyal towards the Zebronics brand. Our categorized channel policy based on various zones works well.

Swami: What are the top 5 reasons a channel partner should sell your product?

Rajesh: We have complete basket of products to fulfill all the needs of channel partners be it Peripherals, CE or surveillance. We have a wide variety of choices in products, which helps in catering in all the consumer needs. We make sure to given decent margins to the partners for the efforts they put in. We encourage channel partner to expand to new segments like peripherals to CE or surveillance. With Zebronics channel partners always have growing potential, it works well for us too. Finally Zebronics is a value for money brand without any compromise in quality. We offer products in the market at prices which are unheard of, yet with out strict quality control we make sure that customers have a delightful experience of owning our products.

Swami: How good is your post-sale service? Please give a detailed note on this?

Rajesh: We have a wide network of service centers across India, more than 110 service centers. With toll free phone support and email support, help is always at finger tips of the customers. We have several service hubs across India to make sure that spare parts are available with minimum delays. For certain products we also have on site service.

Swami: Tell us any 2 exclusive news that is really going to bring happiness for your channel partners

Rajesh: Maintaining our strong position in peripherals by continuing to launch new products. The good news is we would launch a slew of new models under various categories of The Sound Monster speakers which has received large recognition and acceptance this year.

Many new products will be launched in the LED television segment in the higher size range. We will be also launching many new products in surveillance segment with never seen before prices, making surveillance really affordable.