Why 4G is important for Solution Providers?

Moving forward, solution providers can play a key role in the adoption of 4G driven applications for the enterprise and SMB community

4g-505_042412013335Over the past recent few months, there has been an increase in 4G data usage by the end users and an equally big increase in the number of handsets compatible with 4G networks are now available in the market.

This is good news for the handset vendors as well as service providers as more and more people will now be able to consume more data. This is also big news for the system integrators as well as solution providers, as now with 4G becoming a reality, there will be a lot more enterprise users looking for data rich application that can easily run on 4G services.

Most importantly, the rise in 4G usage follows Airtel’s move in November 2015 to reduce 4G tariffs to the same level as 3G ones. Only Airtel offers 4G in India. But this fourth generation network, which is five times faster than 3G, is expected to get very hot as Reliance Jio steps into it in a few months time.

So once 4G is available on PAN India basis, enterprise applications such as HD video conferencing, video transfers, real time applications and IoT driven applications can have a new meaning and this is where solution providers can play a big role in terms of staying ahead of the curve and providing what the market needs.

Dinesh Shyam Sukha