Webinar organised by Focus Bangalore and NSIC on Schemes and benefits for building critical services related to MSMEs 

Webinar organised by Focus Bangalore and NSIC on Schemes and benefits for building critical services related to MSMEs 

FOCUS BANGALORE (Forum of Critical Utility Services) and NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) organised webinar on the topic “Schemes and benefits for building critical services related to MSMEs” on 6th Oct 2021.

Jeyalakshmi Venkatanarayanan, Chairperson FOCUS Bengaluru Chapter started the webinar with a short note about the Forum of Critical Utility Services (FOCUS) indicating that it is one of the fastest growing bodies representing all the verticals of the Critical Utility Services of the Construction Industry. The Body offers various types of memberships some of which are Corporate Membership, Induvial Membership, Student Membership, International Corporate & Individual Memberships etc.
The Webinar started with a prayer.

Thereafter a Video explaining the aims, objectives and the valuable role FOCUS is playing in the Construction Industry Ecosystem, was played. The Video explained in great detail as to how the FORUM is serving as a confluence of all the verticals so as to strengthen, strategise and evolve methodologies for better representation to the Govt. Policy Makers, execute projects that cater to all aspects including sustainability, resilience & safety for the occupiers and project developers as well.

Ravishankar Thandavan- Founding Member and also the National Chair for Policy, Advocacy and Membership spoke about the relevance of FOCUS and the imminent transformation it is bringing to the Construction Industry. He listed out over 18 verticals from Architecture & Structural Engineering to Facility Management & Insurance & Risk Mitigation that are part of the Forum of Critical utility Services. He went on to explain how FOCUS has brought together all these utility services that are currently working in niche areas of each of the verticals on to one platform that is FOCUS- for coordinated, constructive & consolidated approach. He also impressed that the success of various industry bodies of the construction industry independently is also the aim of FOCUS not just for its success but also for a resilient & sustainable industry.

Jeyalakshmi Venkatanarayanan who is the Chairperson for FOCUS Bengaluru Chapter, welcomed the chief guest Sreevatsan who is the Zonal General Manager at NSIC Bangalore. She welcomed our National President Suresh who is a Doyen of the Construction Industry and Gaurav Award recipient (whose participation shows the commitment and encouragement from the highest level of the body) and all the participants. This Webinar had participants from various verticals like Construction, IT, ITES, BMS, HVAC, Power, Sustainability, Plumbing, Finance and many more.

Sreevatsan was in his free flow delivering precious information from his precious basket about the schemes and benefits tailor made to serve the target audience. He spoke about credit schemes, Raw material support, participation in trade fairs and delegations and many more benefits. Explained how can we address govt tenders with the help of NSIC.

The webinar was very relevant to the participants, and addressed several matters that served the MSME of the construction industry. Though the topic and the program itself was planned and executed in a very short span of time of less than a week, the importance of the topic and the presenter in Sreevtsan propelled the interest with more than 200 registrations. FOCUS once again played the role of a leader and a partner with participants from not just FOCUS Bengaluru Members but also Nonmembers, members from various other associations participated in the program.

It generated quite an interest in the Media as the press and leading industry magazines not just covered the event but also participated in it. V Suresh National president for FOCUS appreciated the initiative taken by FOCUS Bengaluru Chapter. He stressed on how we can work as a fraternity while thanking and appreciating Sreevatsan’s presentation. Explained in a short way on how to build Sustainable, Resilient & Safe buildings.

Participants were very happy for they gained immense knowledge and took the opportunity to clarify several doubts by posing pertinent questions that were addressed very patiently and in a lucid manner by Sreevatsan during the Q&A session.

Chandrasekhar, Chair for Sustainability FOCUS Bengaluru chapter delivered the vote of thanks.