Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology – India

Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology – India

1. What are some of the key focus activities that Kingston is planning when it comes to positioning of its HyperX brand in India?
HyperX is our niche high performance product division. We already have a wide range of HyperX products including SSDs, Memory modules, Headsets and even USB drives.The roadmap for HyperX this year is exciting and we will be rolling out products that are designed mainly for professional gaming, PC enthusiasts, overclockersand media professionals.

Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology India 2With quite a few niche HyperX products planned for launch this year and a strong channel presence, we are positive to further strengthen the position of HyperX in the market.

2. What would be the big role of channel partners in terms of pushing HyperX in India?
Kingston is a channel friendly company and we believe in growing with the channel partners. With our product and market expertise, we provide a platform for our network to improve and grow in terms of revenue and reach. With strong relations with our channel partners, we are able to provide useful first-hand information on the price fluctuations and help them prepare to seize market opportunities. We consider our channel partners as an important part of Kingston as they do contribute to our brand image.

3. Please share with us the essence of HyperX by Kingston? What is the primary idea behind this and how do you want to take it forward in a country like India?
HyperX is known throughout the world for quality, performance and innovation and this brand isn’t new to the Indian market. As mentioned earlier, HyperX is our high performance division encompassing high-speed DDR4 and DDR3 memory, SSDs, USB Flash drives, and gaming accessories. As it commands a premium mindshare with our target audience, it is relatively easier to educate them about the new products that we will have available for them soon. We also support the E-Sports community in India and encourage it to collaboratively grow stronger.

We are sure that with a better understanding of the upcoming technologies, capabilities of our products and proper usage, this will be a positive year for our stakeholders in India.

4. What kind of value addition is going to happen with regards to announcement of this new brand by Kingston?
Our HyperX products have received good traction already and we only intend to grow from here. We now have products strategically designed to cater to specific user requirements. Broadly speaking, based on performance and value, the HyperX lineup is divided into HyperX Predatory, HyperX Savage and HyperX Fury. The same logic applies to the Memory modules as well as Storage products.We have announced quite a few products this year, like the HyperX Savage Memory, HyperX Savage SSD, HyperX Predator PCIe SSD, HyperX Predator DDR4 memory and HyperX Fury DDR4 memory, and will have many more coming to India.

5. What kind of growth are you expecting from India and how will this growth be achieved?
India is a vast market for both, Storage and Memory modules. With more geographies to cover, we also have a vast spectrum of requirements to cater to. Being an expert in the global industry, Kingston has made available the best products and solutions to the Indian market. Thanks to our supportive channel partners, we have been able to provide the best-in-class products to our customers at a highly competitive price.

With this strong network and positive feedback from the customers, we expect to achieve a better market and mind share.

6. What are the key differentiators for Kingston in India when compared with other vendors operating in the similar market scenario?
We do not draw compare sons with others in the market. We believe in enhancing our products, services and the overall experience in a way that is beneficial for our customers.

Kingston was one of the first to showcase the DDR4 memory to the world at CES 2014 and have already introduced many solutions thereafter.We have a bouquet of products that enhance the customer’s extreme computing experience. What makes us better is the use of new technologies, like the DDR4, USB 3.1 and USB 3C, and making them available to the customers at a value price point, as soon as possible.