Vibs Infosol Completes 6 Years; Aims To Unleash Opportunities

Vibs Infosol Completes 6 Years; Aims To Unleash Opportunities

-Swaminathan Balasubramanian

Indore: Indore based Vibs Infosol is one of the key partners in the central part of the country. The partner has already bagged some of the key business opportunities. The partner had completed 6 years in the industry focussing all solution offerings with special focus on cybersecurity. Vibhore Srivastava, CEO of the company speaks on the company plans. Edited excerpts.

What are the key investments that are going in network security among the enterprises?

Vibhore_SrivastavaIn today’s environment, everyone is concerned about their Network and security. Earlier, Enterprises won’t focus much on their network vulnerabilities and security patches. Now, since so many new exploit, virus, Trojans, Phishing attacks are being introduced on a regular basis, Customer has realised the vital role of Security in their environment. They have started discussing advance level security including Anti- exploit, Anti Ransomware, EDR / MDR, Access control over different products, identity management, DLP (End Point and Network), patch management, Port monitoring and more. Customers have started discussing the strong values of VA for their distribution networks as well.

Many new OEM / Vendors have started focusing on this Region and the only reason for this is to have clear possibilities and threats / Opportunities in Network and Security aspects for Indian customers.

What are the factors that make companies look at network security prioritize than others

The regular inception of various threats has directly started targeting the customer data security and network accessibility which adversely impacts the source of basic business values. Ransomware and phishing attacks are few very basic issues most of the organizations are worried about.

In the coming days, how are the investments in security going to be among Indian companies

Customers have understood the value of Security in their Infra. Those who are developing, have started understanding the factors or security leakage including cloud-based setup. They have initiated provisions for advanced threat management for endpoint and security patches as the prime focus. For those organizations, who are developed and have a strong process for security threat analysis, they have started working on the second line of defense mechanism for ensuring the safety of data and customer satisfaction.

Within security where the current investment trends are focusing? satcom_2

Though all of the parameters are important for any organization. As a practice, Security management should always be treated in multiple factors approach. Earlier customers were only talking about Anti-virus but now they have understood the need to have dedicated Anti Ransomware, EDR / MDR and multiple technologies to protect their distributed Endpoint. Customer threat awareness programs (Phish Threats) are also encouraged by customers nowadays to educate their inside team about the correct actionable. These all-new threats and factors have again brought advance Endpoint management in trend.

As far as Perimeter, Email security or other factors are concerned, they are always focused aspects while designing or managing Infra for every large or small setup. However, with the deployment of a few major appliances, the customer has more options to manage them as compared to the Endpoint as per the current scenario.

In these six years, what were the key milestones for your company?

VIBS Infosol has recently achieved the mark of a successful 6th-year presence. Since inception, we have always decided to work on strong values. Keeping an eye on the vision of the organization, we knew that it would not be easy for us to survive and stand firmly in today’s market. Unlike many, we had decided to concentrate on our core technologies. This approach took a little longer time for us to make a mark in terms of Turnover and visibility to vendors but we realized, sooner or later, the whole ecosystem knows and understands our core strength.

Our key achievements during the journey to date include customer satisfaction and trust, employee values and retention, ecosystem acceptance and recognition. We have maintained the hygiene to address all important factors for the growth of our organisation. As far as transactions are concerned, we have many large technology-driven projects, services, implementations, certifications & acknowledgments. However, when it comes to achievement, we would always rate ourselves on the basis of customer and employee satisfaction and vendor acceptance.

For us, every business relationship is significant and we would like to thank everyone for helping and trusting us to grow better.

What are the key plans for your organizations in the coming days?

As mentioned, Since inception, we had a clear vision and would like to follow the same strength. We always wanted to be in the league of most prominent and reliable Network and Security players in the ecosystem. We hope that we are firmly working on the right track and putting our best efforts to be the trusted advisor of the customers.

Like others, We are also strategizing to focus on the Billion Dollar Cyber Security market. To move forward in the coming years, We have a strong plan, a well-designed team to address the market with the right set of vendors alignments. In the coming years, we are hoping to maximize our revenue through Network optimization and Security consultancy services.

With the help of our dedicated team, we have achieved many strong certifications for different technologies to support our esteemed customers. This year, we are targeting to add a couple of niche product segments. Also, we are in discussions with top-rated vendors for becoming their extended service & sales arm to do value addition for them in the right sense to penetrate the core potential market.