Versatile Infosecurity To Include More Solutions In Security

Versatile Infosecurity To Include More Solutions In Security

B Swaminathanunspecified

Delhi based Versatile Infosecurity (VIPL), one of the leading channel partners in the security solutions space is aiming at 18 percent growth and is looking for increasing the product portfolio in the security solutions segment.

Though Government customers are not the key focus for VIPL, according to him, the seriousness towards their cybers security framework and have seen new requirements for multifactor authentications, encryption tools, ATPs and SIEM and more with respect to the government accounts. Sudhir had constantly maintained a growth rate of around 20% year-on-year.

Speaking about the factors you keep in mind while recommending a solution/product to your customers where there are plenty of products and solutions available in the market, he says, his focus is always on visibility, security and availability. On the technology side, VIPL is planning to pay more attention on SD-WAN, Multi-Factor authentication, SIEM  & EDR long with their existing security solutions.


Speaking on the plans for the coming financial year, he said, “VIPL has a sustainable growth in the last few years in terms of retaining and acquiring new accounts. As said previously, we are determined to achieve the same of 20% YOY and that we will happen by adding few more security products/technologies in our portfolio which would add value to our existing customer base and would help us in acquiring new accounts.”