Vendors To Come Prepared With Solution For Confed-ITA Meet :President

Erode, July 28: The new tem of Confed-ITA has assumed charge and has bigger plans. Balasubramanian (Balu), president of the association explains his plans for the association.

Balu“It makes me more responsible for being the president as I have never been an office bearer in the forum. First time I am coming directly as a president. However, I will call it a sweet-sour moment. Just for name sake, president ship is for one year. However, practically speaking, it is just 7 months where we have to run from pillar to post for getting things done. It is becoming a mental pressure for people who wish to take leadership. I wish, the office bearer post is kept minimum 2 years so that they can work long term ideas”, says.

Balasubramanian also added that he is already on his work, completed meeting eight associations in various occasions.

On the action plans:

I am planning to focus mainly on streamlining the forum. “I do not want to pin-point anyone in particular. However, I am not satisfied with the financial system and the way it was handled till now. No one is ready to take responsibility when it comes to finance of the association. I had sent the files for audit for the last three tenures and will be getting the complete details by the end of the August”, says Balu who further expressed concern over some financial collapse in some of the previous terms. “Please write bold letters, HP and Dell owe the association, their sponsorship amount pending for more than a year. A past president is asking me to ignore the  previous payment pending as I am wondering why people are not taking responsibilities. And Bloom computers had gifted the association, a laptop and we are in talks with Tally to gift the association, an ERP system which will help the treasurers carry the accounts wherever they go and every transaction becomes transparent and update.

Vendor meeting:

Speaking about the vendor meeting, he said that the association is planning to host all the leading vendors for a meet where the members will tell their day to day and long-term concerns with the respective vendors. The association claims unlike the previous event, where vendors were alleged listening to all their concerns and ended up telling routine, ‘We will get back to you on this” which they seems to never come back. “We have requested the major concerns of the partners state-wise, vendor-wise across the associations and their queries will be forwarded to the respective vendors. The vendors while attending the meeting are expected to come prepared with the answers.” Balu said. The Coimbatore IT association will be hosting the event.

Internal relationship:

Questioned why he is stubborn on having former president’s take in the functioning of the association,CellIT_TN_Ad he said, “A president puts his hard-work for the smooth functioning of the association and run from pillar-to-post to generate fund for the forum. Immediately the next team comes and takes complete control of the functioning and make a mess out of it and stop the previous team, no one can digest.”, he said. He also cited an example where two former presidents put fullest effort to stop a indigestible goof-up in association fund which was almost in the verge of getting done. He also said that he made a remarkable profit of INR 16 lakh profit for the association and he cannot leave his hard work only because his term is over. “I am not asking a voting right or any other special berths for the former presidents. I want to keep them between the members and office bearers with a special title, ‘honorary members’. This has got boomeranged against me in the previous EC meeting”, said Balu.

Finally concluding on the relationship within the office bearers, he said that the office bearers are in good terms with him or within themselves and said there might be some misinterpretation of his openness as ego and concluded he will streamline the association while handing it over to the next president.