Vasundhra Infocomm To Increase Focus On Select Products With High Margins

Vasundhra Infocomm To Increase Focus On Select Products With High Margins

B Swaminathan

Indore based Vasundhra Infocomm is one of the leading dealers in and around the Indore region. With six outlets within the city and three in the neighboring regions. The retailer has both single brand and multi-brand outlets across Indore and neighboring regions. In a chat for Cell IT, Nutan Jakhetiya, speaks on the expansion plans. Edited excerpts.

vansundhraWhat are the key trends you notice in the customer sale point ?

The current trend here is towards the price range 20 thousand models. Some of the key trends I see here are the customers attraction towards camera, selfie and dual selfie feature. Also another trend I notice is the increase in the sale through the EMI options. Earlier people were not having any issues with buying through cash. However, now more sale is happening through financing model. Even the financing companies are coming up with attractive offers.

Don’t you think the expectations towards battery is changing?

nutanYes. However, customers are now aware of the shift. We faced such complaints from the customers on the issues related to battery during the shift from normal mobiles to android mobiles. Where customers were used to charge their phones once in three days were forced to charge it regularly. Initially customers tried changing the brands. However, ended up coming to a conclusion that most of the mobile brands are the same.

How is the market in the neighboring regions of Indore?

If you ask me, the rents and cost of the resources are going high but the margins are also turning thin. Also, the competition is becoming tougher day to day. However, to a surprise, the market in the tier-2 cities are welcoming. I run three stores outside Indore and six within the city. Even though the turn-over might be less, the margins are supportive compared to Indore.

Are you aiming for expansion?

I do not intend to expand physically. But, I look at expanding vertical-wise. We are looking for some brands to tie-up which will bring us valuable customers. There were threat from online players earlier.Ad for News However, for the past few days, there is no such threats and the rates are common across.

What are your top 3 priorities for this financial year?

The top three priorities include bringing back some of the old customers whom we might have lost in the last 12 years, increasing the margins and profits across all business divisions.