The MD04ABA-V Series offers the high capacity, power efficient surveillance-class HDDs in the industry

toshibaToshiba Digital Media Network Taiwan Corporation (TDMT), a committed technology leader, announces the MD04ABA-V Series, delivering a5TB 3.5-inch, low RPM hard disk drive (HDD) specifically for surveillance applications. The MD04ABA-V series is designed for use in surveillance digital video recorders (SDVR), surveillance network video recorders (SNVR) and hybrid SDVR.

Designed for surveillance applications, with support for at least up to 32 high definition cameras *2) and 24/7 operation, the MD04ABA-V Series also incorporates rotational vibration (RV) sensors, making it suitable for use in RAID/multi-HDD based surveillance platforms. With the massive 5TB capacity point, customers now have the flexibility to retain higher resolution surveillance video data for longer periods using fewer HDDs, helping to maintain a smaller storage footprint and lower energy costs.

“The latest generation surveillance cameras produce higher resolution video streams that increase storage capacity requirements. Toshiba’s MD04ABA-V Series Surveillance HDDs deliver greater capacity, quieter operation and more power efficient operation vs. competing higher RPM HDD models,” said Mr. Kashiwabara, Senior Manager of Marketing Sec., Toshiba Digital Media Network Taiwan Corporation.

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