Tired of Wi-Fi Dead Zone in Your Office or Home? Here is Solution from TP-LINK. TL-WA855RE Wi-Fi Range Extender

002Tired of Wi-Fi deadzone, or feeling disconeccted from world when sitting in your comfort zone away from Router? Well TP-LINK, a global provider of consumer and SMB networking products, has a perfect solution for you with the new T L-WA855RE 300Mbps Wi-Fi range extender. Exploding internet video consumption and sales of wireless-enabled products such as smart phones, tablets and game consoles steadily growing, consumers are seeking greater performance, reliability and simplicity from their home wireless networks.

“TL-WA855RE Wi-Fi range extender is a great accessory that will help users overcome limitations of locations and Wi-Fi dead zones which affect users connected lifestyle. With this range extender, we have pushed the performance capabilities, which results in one of the industry’s fastest and most powerful Wi-Fi range extender. The two external antennae with MIMO technology enhances users network by dramatically increasing wireless speeds and signal in Wi-Fi dead spots.” said Lynn Wang – VP SOHO at TP-LINK India.

001All of us know home/office’s weak or dead Wi-Fi spots, and it’s frustrating when these are where you need the signal most. Maybe the dead spot is in upstairs bedroom where you would like to play games or to stream a movie to your notebook or to listen music in your iPad while sun bathing. Of course, you could get another router and Wi-Fi connection which is faster in dead zone, but do you really want to spend more bucks on that new connection and want to mess up your home/office interior with long cables. TL-WA855RE catches a wireless signal and then rebroadcast it, which helps to strengthen the signal from any router. This device plugs into any type electrical socket and boosts a network’s wireless signal to extend coverage throughout the home and backyard. In addition to extending the range of your wireless home network, you can also use this range extender to create a Wi-Fi access point

Designed to provide maximum coverage for heavy internet users, this Wi-Fi Extender delivers 802.11n. performance with up to 300Mbps speed. Packed with two powerful external high gain antennae that push Wi-Fi signal through thick walls, ceilings and doors for faster and more reliable Wi-Fi.It also offers a stylish, compact wall-plug design that is effortless to install and blends easily into a room. Smart LED indicator lights on the front of each extender guide you to an optimal location for best WiFi coverage. Users can easily establish a secure connection to any existing home WiFi network with the simple push of a button.

Price, warranty and availability
TL-WA855RE is available exclusively on Amazon at most amazing price.