The Connect Between OEM and Customer Is Increasing

The Connect Between OEM and Customer Is Increasing

B Swaminathan

Ahimaz John is a veteran in the IT industry having worked in various markets across India. Close to 2 decades of industry experience, he shares on how different markets in India works and how the role of channel partners are changing day by day.

How are the IT investments in South India is different from the other parts of the country?

In South India, mainly in TamilNadu apart from Tier-1 city, the Other Tier-2 cities is the developing phase. The city expansion in Tier-1 cities are also in the development plan. Hence there is a great amount of investment towards all Johnsectors which will also attract IT investments. The better and good connectivity across South India using Fiber media /4G is one of the reasons where South India is in the higher IT Infra space.

What difference do you find in when a Technology company invests in IT and when a non-Technology company invests in IT?

The Technology company has a clear long term strategy knowing the requirement of IT. For example they may invest in own hardware for Long term projects. For short term project they may prefer to choose the Cloud than setting hardware at their own data centre. This is applicable only for medial level of Companies. If the technology is very larger in size, definitely will have their own Data Centre, they will try to accommodate all their requirements as a in house.

In case of Non-Technology company, they have a resistance towards the adoption of new technology, maybe due to higher in cost also the skilled manpower availability with affordable cost. They will invest on a mid-range technology and will expand in a whatever can add towards computing and storage.

Over the past 10 years, what are the ways, a customer’s expectation towards a channel partner had changed?

The awareness on various technology has increased. The direct connect between the customer and the OEM also taking place through various modes. The channel partner has a very little role to play unless customer has a very painful issue, where the System Integrator can work out a solution.

In a place where technology is evolving in a fast phase, what are the key aspects a channel organization should keep in mind while recommending a solution to a customer?

(a) The ROI : The Return on Investment is need to be considered as the key aspect.accops-poweredby

(b) The availability and Scalability with the solution

( c) The skilled resource availability in the domain with affordable cost by the partner as a FMS resource

Moreover, in many organizations, the expectations from a technology team is emerging beyond serving or ensuring the lights are on. They are part of the strategy team and are even responsible for profitability. How a channel partner should understand their business needs and serve accordingly.

The days had gone. The Customers are having more IT awareness and trends in the Information Technology. Understanding of the Strategic plan for the IT and align with their business plan is the Management level is a skill. So it is the senior level of the channel partner to align with the customer and work along with them to start with 5 years to 10years plan. Also Channel partner should have a highly skilled Manpower with them to meet such interaction and to convert the requirement into the business.