GST will definitely help the country grow faster over the next few months, Tejas Goenka, Executive Director, Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd.

GST will definitely help the country grow faster over the next few months, Tejas Goenka, Executive Director, Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd.

1. Tally is a big name after GST in the country today when it comes to business, how do you feel about this?

Ans : Overall we definitely believe that the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) was long due for the country. While there have been initial troubles, the new tax regime will benefit both businesses and consumers in the medium to long term. Since the announcement of GST, we have spent several months assisting businesses to transition into the GST era. In the earlier months of GST introduction, there was uncertainty due to lack of awareness and education.
Through our collective and dedicated efforts, we physically reached out to over 10 lakh businesses to educate them on the new law and how it will affect their businesses. In addition, we have reached out to over 50 lakh businesses through our blog and webinars. These awareness efforts will continue being one of the focus areas over the next few months till the country has transitioned successfully.

Image 1_Mr. Tejas Goenka. Executive Director at Tally Solutions2. Can you reflect on some of the moments of Tally at the time of beginning by Bharat Goenka to the present you, how do you feel about the change?

Ans : I think a few things have remained constant and a few things have changed. The desire to help build technologies that drive growth for small and medium businesses has been constant and this forms the backbone of everything we do as a company. Many defining moments of my grandfather’s interactions with my father, the founders of the business have shaped this constant focus. The first few product demos, the first few customers are milestones that have all been extremely memorable. In the last few years, the business has expanded to include several lakh customers and thousand partners who are part of the Tally family. Continuing our focus on the core beliefs, we still feel that there is still lot that can be done to help small and medium businesses grow and that focus will continue in all that we do.

3. We have been listening in the IT hardware market that the sales have gone down drastically. Do you think it’s because of GST implementation or demonetization or the market moved to online players?

Ans : Honestly, we are not entirely clear about the reason and won’t be the right people to talk to about the decrease in sales.

4. What is your idea on the method Government used to implement GST? Being practical and looking to the problems faced by the small businessmen, is there any need to change the filing methods?

Ans : We feel a lot of simplification can be brought into the filing methods for the small businessman. The struggles have been hard for many of us and we have made several recommendations that can help the government focus on the basic premise of the GST return filing process which is invoice matching.

5. The country is transforming from cash business to electronic payment business, Will GST help the country to transform economy?

Ans: GST will definitely help the country grow faster over the next few months. We see 3 key benefits arising out of GST: (1) Reduced tax on tax due to the ‘one nation one tax’ concept that GST is based on. (2) Simpler trade across state boundaries, and (3) Greater transparency in return filing and auditing due to the concept of invoice matching.

The focus of the government must be to first implement GST correctly for the existing tax payer base, and only then focus on expanding this base. Currently, simplifications in the process are needed to bring this vision alive, and with every council meeting it seems like the government is clear with their intent about its implementation.
6. The way Tally is growing is remarkable, there is a big change in the partners network of tally, can you brief us what is the method your company has implemented to satisfy the channel business? How many partners have grown this year after GST was implemented, can you put some statistics on your entire business model?

Ans: The partner network is a clear and an important focus for us as we do our business through our partners only. Over the years, we have built a partner model that works for us and also allows the partners to grow. We have two types of partners, a Certified Partner and an Associate Partner. The Certified Partners helps us ensure a specific service level and quality for our customers, and the Associate Partners help us reach first time customers who were unaware of the potential to grow with the Tally license. In order to serve this network effectively, we work with Distributors and a new type of partner called the Tally Xcelerator. Tally Xcelerator was introduced recently and focuses on helping the Certified Partners grow their business by acting like mentors and coaches. With the introduction of GST, every partner in the Tally ecosystem has seen unprecedented growth in their business.

7. I have been in touch with many Tally users that they have bought the pack but finding difficult to implement, do you have any team which looks after this? Do you give this service or train the user once the tally is purchased? How do you track this?

Ans: For customers who had purchased the software in the months of July, August and September, this was an area of concern that came to light. We had focused on transitioning our existing customer base to GST and in the process many new customers faced problems. Tally Care is our dedicated team that addresses all queries and concerns related to the software. Since then, we have increased Tally Care capacity to over 3 times of what we had in July, and are actively reaching out to our customers to ensure that they are happy with the Tally experience. If they haven’t had a good experience, I would strongly encourage them to visit our website and if they need assistance they can call our Tally Care toll free line at 1800-200-8859.