Techniche To Go Global, Plans Expansion In North India, Hyderabad

Techniche To Go Global, Plans Expansion In North India, Hyderabad

Kolkata based Techniche is on an expansion spree. With their strong focus in the Eastern region of India, this company has sky-high plans for the forthcoming fiscal. In an exclusive chat with B Swaminathan, Associate Editor, Satish Choudhary, CEO of Techniche explains the company’s roadmap. Edited excerpts.

B Swaminathan (Swami): How you view your organization’s performance in FY 2015-16? 

Satish Choudhary (Satish): Techniche has had a phenomenal growth in FY 2015-16. We are extremely happy with the Government’s focus in new areas like Smart City / Safe City / Railway Modernization / Police Infrastructure, uplifting and so on. Thus our focus were also in those lines.satish new final1

Swami: List out the highlights of your organization in FY2015-16.

Satish: We have won some major deals in Networking like Port / Power Plants / Hotels and have also expanded in security field during this financial year.

Swami: List out the top 5 achievements of your organizations in FY2015-16

Satish: We have been able to achieve major milestones in helping organizations in the following areas,

  1. Network Upgradation / Migration
  2. Wifi Solutions
  3. IP CCTV & Access Control solutions
  4. Data Center offerings
  5. Cloud solutions

Swami: What are the plans for the forthcoming year >

Satish: Techniche plans to consolidate the gains achieved during the past two years in new areas to enable similar organizations with our experience. Our experience  in the hospitality industry and capability to provide a complete IT / Security and Power solutions will help all upcoming Hotel projects with our System Integration experiences. We plan to focus more on providing Data Center & Cloud Services to key clients.

Swami: What are the key industry verticals your current clientele houses?

Satish: Ports and Airports , Power Plants and Power Utilities , Hospitality, IT/ITES, Small and medium to large Enterprise segments.

Swami: What are the key industry verticals you want to focus in the coming fiscal?

Satish: The focus now would be on new government initiatives like Smart Transport / Safe City / Smart City and more. We would also be equally and strategically expanding our horizon on Hotel projects in the hospitality industry.

Swami: Please explain your expansion plans. (In terms of geography and workforce)Everest - Technobind

Satish: We have further plans to expand in other regions of India
n subcontinent. We have already finalized to expand in
Northern India and in Hyderabad region. We want to grow with our presence in Bangladesh & Bhutan where we are working for past several years.