TDK “ Building the Future With Magnetic Technology”

20141003_1TDK Corporation exhibited many innovative products in CEATEC JAPAN 2014. The starting point of this year’s TDK booth is the “Magnetic Technology zone,” looking back at the history of products based on ferrite which can be seen as the DNA of TDK. From there, the booth flow leads into three zones highlighting the latest applications of advanced magnetic technology: “Energy”, “EMC” and “Data Storage & Sensors”.

  1. Magnetic Technology zone 
    Introduces magnetic materials (ferrite cores) are shown, which are in the DNA of TDK since its founding in 1935. The zone also illustrates the evolution of TDK’s innovative product technology as it progressed along with the growth of the electronics sector in Japan.
  2. Energy zone
    Demonstrates how magnetic materials can enhance the transfer of energy and contribute to improved efficiency. Major highlights of the exhibit are listed below.

– Wireless power transfer system for vehicles, etc.
A wireless power transfer system for vehicles featuring sufficient reliability to allow for on-the-road testing (in terms of vibrations, load bearing, waterproofing etc.) will be demonstrated. A key architectural feature of this system is its magnetic resonance technology, for which WiTricity Corporation holds the foundational patents. Samples of a 3.3kW system will be made available from January 2015, and a 6.6kW system is also under development. Dynamic charging to transfer power to driving vehicles, and wireless power transfer systems for other applications will also be demonstrated.

– High-performance magnets that help to conserve resources
Exhibits include dysprosium free neodymium magnets, lanthanum and cobalt free ferrite magnets, as well as other products that illustrate TDK’s commitment to realizing high-performance magnets that do not use rare earth materials.

  1. EMC zone
    The zone showcases EMC components based on magnetic materials, which are a specialty of TDK. Comprehensive EMC solutions ranging from anechoic chambers for noise measurement to devising suitable countermeasures will also be introduced.

    – EMC components
    – Anechoic chamber solutions

  2. Data Storage & Sensors zone
    In this zone, visitors will encounter TDK’s cutting-edge spintronics technology based on magnetic materials.

    – HDD magnetic heads
    In the field of HDD heads which are a representative application of magnetic thin film technology, thermal assisted magnetic recording heads will be on display.

    – TMR angle sensors
    The thin film technology based on HDD heads has enabled TDK to develop magnetic sensors that can perform angle detection with high accuracy.

    – High-sensitivity magnetic sensors
    The exhibit provides a glimpse into the ongoing development of magnetic sensors that can detect even extremely weak magnetic fields.

    – MRAM
    The current state of development in the area of MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory) which is an extension of spintronics technology will be introduced.