Taiwan Excellence demonstrates the best of smart technology for India’s Smart City Mission in Bengaluru

Taiwan Excellence demonstrates the best of smart technology for India’s Smart City Mission in Bengaluru

DSC_3806Taiwan Excellence stepped up its efforts to boost India’s Smart Cities Mission with its strong participation at the Smart Asia India Expo & Summit 2018 laying major focus on accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship.

Smart Asia India Expo & Summit 2018 aimed to connect Taiwan’s expertise and India’s opportunity in building intelligent, robust and efficient Smart Cities. The trade show is being held from October 4th to 6th at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC), Bengaluru.

At the Expo, the best of Taiwan’s ICT industry displayed some of their most innovative creations that could create a big splash in the Indian market. There were various products and brands in smart ICT, smart healthcare, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and smart-life devices industries. Renowned Taiwanese brands like Acer, Adata, Advantech, AIFA, Apacer, Asus, Aver, Avision, BenQ, Buder, BXB, CyberPower, D-Link, Edimax, Energy Management Systems, FECA, Gigabyte, ICP Das, InWin,Kenda, Medimaging Integrated (MIIS), Moxa,  MSI, Opro 9, Plustek, QNAP, Team, Thermaltake, Tokuyo, Transcend, Walrus Pumps, and XTGL showcased their state-of-the-art products at the event.

The venue holds special importance considering it is one of the most advanced cities of India and is the perfect location for smart city solutions. Bengaluru is popularly known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India for being a major IT hub of the nation. Several notable IT moguls have their headquarters in the city. The city with growing opportunities in IT, biotech and other fields, have drawn young, educated professionals from around India. Not only that, Bengaluru is also the startup nucleus of India. For such a high-tech city, living a smart life calls for smart solutions which is why the Expo opted for Bengaluru.

The cutting edge, award-winning products displayed at the Expo turned out to be star attractions for visitors.Among the stellar products on display was the smart Water Dispenser from Buder that gives out water with just a single touch. Its intelligent voice guiding system ensures you can drink fully boiled water in a safe manner.Also, to demonstrate a range of Taiwanese innovations from ‘Smart City to Smart Life’, another product was displayed named Opro9 Smart Diaper, a small and discreet device about the size of a thumb, that could revolutionize the way parents change diapers. OPro9 connects to the parents’ smartphone and sends instant notifications when the child pees so its diaper can be changed as soon as possible, keeping the baby dry and comfortable. There were many more such smart solutions to give ease of life to citizens of a smart city like Bengaluru.

Taiwan Excellence has been contributing to various projects of the Indian government including Smart Cities mission, Make in India, Skills India and Digital India ever since they were announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With its seminal experience in lending expertise to smart projects across the world, Taiwan Excellence is very well positioned to support eclectic projects in India, especially the Smart Cities Mission.  The Smart Cities Mission is the flagship programme of the Indian government to renew and retrofit around 100 cities across the country to make them citizen friendly and sustainable.

Smart Asia India Expo & Summit 2018 was organized by the Taipei World Trade Centre (TWTC) – the sister organization of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) — with the objective of augmenting India’s ‘Smart Cities Mission’. It proved to be a platform for related industries from all over the world to participate and exchange innovative ideas. Smart Asia brought about solutions to restructure cities with the best in intelligence, networks and telecom, digitalization, public transport, energy grids, public health, water resource management and environmental sustainability.

Taiwan Excellence to display award-winning products at Forum Mall

Taiwan Excellence will display more than 25 products at Bengaluru’s famous Forum Mall from 5th to 18th October 2018. The products on display at the booth will include everything from high-end phones, laptops, scanners and hard disks to neck and shoulder massagers, wall shelves, shampoo holders, soap holders, routers, smart baby diapers, smart powder outlets and screen bar e-reading lamps. Each product is a winner of the Taiwan Excellence Awards, which recognizes companies for innovative research and development, quality, design and marketing. Brands like Asus, Acer, MSI, AIFA, CyberPower, ADATA, Plustek, Transcend, Tokuyo, FECA, D-Link, Opro 9 and BenQ will be a part of the Taiwan Excellence pop up booth.

What: Taiwan Excellence – Award winning product display

When: 5th to 18th October 2018

Where: Forum Mall, Bengaluru

 Where: Forum Mall, Bengaluru

Mr. Dave Tsai, Director of Taipei World Trade Center Liaison Office in Chennai, said, “India is a key market for us and we really look forward to providing our expertise for India’s smart projects. Taiwan Excellence has been a part of the many ambitious projects that the Government of India has announced and we will continue to renew our commitment to these projects. We are already actively helping many other countries by providing them with requisite smart solutions. We hope to continue exchanging knowledge between India and Taiwan and believe the projects under the Smart Cities Mission will pick up speed because of our efforts and inputs.”