SNS Unveils Office In Gujarat For Enhanced Local Support

SNS Unveils Office In Gujarat For Enhanced Local Support

By Ayshwaria Lakshmi

Secure Network Solutions India, a Chennai-based leading security solution provider opened an office in Ahmedabad to provide better support to its customers and look for newer opportunities.

“We already had 9 locations; this would be the 10th location in India. We already had existing customers who were mainly the Gujarat operations of our existing customers. There was no business development happening locally. As per our practices, after customers reach a critical mass, we always start a local branch operation. This gives a much better technical support locally, local customers are happier, and this also kicks off the local business development,” Said N. K Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, SNS.

Earlier SNS would support its customers in Gujarat remotely, and in case of an onsite visit, a team from its Mumbai or Delhi branch would travel. These were mostly for technical support.

SNS would currently focus on Ahmedabad and its neighboring areas and later would move to other major cities after settling in.“We feel all sectors need data Security for sure. However, we may target IT/ITES, Manufacturing, BFSI, Healthcare & Education to start with,” said Mr Mehta

On the challenges faced by a security partner in the newer region, Mr Mehta said, “Any new place has its own challenges. New customers would not accept a new entrant in the market and would be skeptical about them. But those are initial challenges, and we have to face it at every location we started. As we are in the market for twenty years and not a new start-up, they will open up to us after they come to know about us and our services.”

SNS has completed twenty years of service in the security industry. Mr Mehta on his long terms said, “I always say this: Others also do Security, but we only do Security. Our long-term plan is to continue doing Security, move from on-site to cloud security, add new technologies. We look forward to becoming ‘The best data Security company of India’.

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