Singapore to involve in development of Amaravati

Singapore to involve in development of Amaravati

The Chief Minister met with Singapore’s Minister of Trade and Industry S. Iswaran in the Secretariat on Friday. The meeting included discussions regarding Singapore’s involvement in the development of the city of Amaravati, solid waste management projects, district cooling systems and skill development programmes.

eswaran_ap_visit_17-11-17_2In the second meeting of the Joint Implementation Steering Committee, the Chief Minister said that the relationship between Andhra Pradesh and the Singapore government has largely contributed to the planning of the capital city, and he is grateful for the continuous cooperation from their side.

Before the meeting, the Chief Minister showed the Minister and the delegates the models of the buildings of the government complexes in Amaravati (Legislative Assembly, Secretariat and High Court).

In his address to the delegates, he said that the capital city will not become a concrete jungle, which exploits natural resources. He said that Amaravati will be a dynamic city, equipped with modern technology.

“1,500 electric vehicles will be introduced soon, and will be promoted extensively. The city will be planned in such a way that it should not take more than 30 minutes to travel to any part. The public transport system will also be a primary backbone, making it the most livable city”, he said.

Centre for Livable Cities Executive Director Khoo Teng Chye said that the Solid Waste Management Project is also being developed for Amaravati. The Chief Minister suggested that Swachh Andhra Pradesh Corporation can cooperate with the Singapore government for the same.

Officials also discussed the setting up of the Amaravati Planning, Design and Research Institute and the Capital Region Investment Promotion Agency (CRIPA).

Assistant CEO of International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, Mr Tan Soon Kim also mentioned that they are currently working on projects to collaborate with the AP government for skill development programmes. The Chief Minister suggested that Singapore’s Department of Trade and Industry and Lee Kuan University should work on programmes for human resource development in Andhra Pradesh.

ACEO of the Amaravati Project Benjamin Yap told the Chief Minister about the progress of other activities in detail.

Principal Secretary (MA&UD, CRDA, Energy & Infrastructure projects) Ajay Jain commented about the positive nature of the relationship between the 2 governments.

Following up with a proposal in the last meeting, officials discussed that very soon, there will be at least three flights per week between Singapore and Vijayawada. The Chief Minister wants high connectivity between the two places, to increase the engagement between the two governments for different development programmes.

The District Cooling system which is in place in Singapore, will be set up in Amaravati too, as per the instructions of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Mr Jimmy Khoo, Managing Director of Singapore District Cooling, said that this system was the first of its kind in the world, and it saves almost 40% of the power consumption along with reducing the city’s average temperature.

The Chief Minister also asked them to implement cooling systems in bus stops, using solar power, in the cities of Andhra Pradesh.

He was invited to attend the Industrial Partnership Summit in July 2018, and also suggested to the Singapore government officials that this convention should be conducted once in Andhra Pradesh.

Ambassador Gopinath Pillai presented the book, “States of India”, which is authored by him, and proposed that Amaravati buildings should be included as a chapter.

It was also confirmed that the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, will be the chief guest at India’s Republic Day celebrations in the coming January. The Chief Minister said that he should visit the capital city during his visit as well.