Silver Touch To Manufacture Own Product

Silver Touch To Manufacture Own Product

B Swaminathan

Ahmadabad, March 31: Silver Touch technologies, one of the leading channel partners, in the coming financial year has plans to focus on three aspects, ‘Make-in-India’, expansion plans across geographies and new technologies. Vipul Thakkar, CEO, SilverTouch, amidst his busy financial year closures, spares time to chat with Cell IT.
“I do not know the exact numbers. However, we are likely to close this year with 10% to 15 % growth. Government was the key business avenue where we cultivated reasonable projects.”, Vipul says. He also said that Government, as a vertical, has contributed around 40% to the company’s annual revenue.

According to him, the key challenges faced in the FY15-16 were, the shrinking spend by the corporate and retaining the talent within organization. “In my view, the government vertical is brining stable spend on IT than the private companies which are going on cloud directly” Vipul said further adding that the days to come are going to be challenging for the channel fraternity.

Expansion plans
Speaking about the expansion plans, he said that the company has operation
s in US and UK. “We are planning to focus more on our US business. However, we have some handful client base in the Middle-East whom we are serving through the set of channel partners there.” Vipul firmly believes the market outside India is predominantly matured and the margins are also think when calculated on the currency conversion.

Plans for FY16-17

Silvertouch aims to reach a growth rate of 15% in the next fiscal. The firm, is looking for increasing the man power and would like to make a team with 2 Thousand employees all put together. “We will have focus on Big Data, IoT, mobile application and within India, we are eyeing to set up offices in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Jharkhand.”, Vipul added.

Own product:
On a concluding note, Vipul says that he has plans for his own products. “We are likely to have our own product and that might be likely under the central government’s ambitious ‘Make-In-India’ project. However, I cannot reveal the entire plans. Everything is in the preliminary level. I will update you once it gets materialize. Till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed”, Vipul concludes.