Rudraum networks Aims Adding Value For Partners.

Rudraum networks Aims Adding Value For Partners.


Rudraum networks, one of the leading distributors in MP and CG region has recently signed up with many vendors for distribution. The Indore based distributor selling Defunc, AVG products, NU-Disc, Astrum, Pinnacle and Lapcare is planning to expand his portfolio for various brands. In a chat with Cell IT, Rakesh Jain and Prem Mandloi, Directors of the company share their channel plans.  Edited excerpts.

How unique you are from other distributors?

In general, distributors sell only accessories. We have the power of software bundling with the accessories. No distributor has the length and breadth of value products like we do.

As a distributor what are the top three challenges you are facing?

People are yet to get aware on the software till date. We are in a position to educate both the customers and partners. We value the relationship with the partners beyond cash-transaction.

How you are educating the partners?
Not just pushing the product, we educate in terms of demos, product samples. We are also planning for product awareness sessions with our partners across the distribution region.

Today the role of a distributors is to bridging part in the channel eco-system. How well you do that?

We have to promote our software everywhere. Which means we will have to support all our other products by default. For example, we had recently added a brand in our kitty that might not be famous earlier. For example, products like Defunc and scratch-gard are the best in the industry. However, not many are aware of this. We go extra miles to get their product success in the market.

What are your plans for this financial year?

We have different plans for different products. Here are the brand-wise logic.

Defunc: We had started for the MP regional distribution. We aim to reach Rajasthan and Chattisgarh.

AVG: We are budling with our software. In the days ahead, we will be expand software across India. We will try bundling this along.

Scratch-Gard: We are trying to reach the value retail counters who are selling around 30 mobiles and premier brands. This we are planning to sell across MP and CG.

How good is your role in helping your partner in after-sale service?

Some of the products are having their own service center. For those who do not have a one, we are providing table-replacement which is clear to all our distribution and retail channels. We ensure smooth functioning of the products.

What are the other brands you are planning to include?

We are already in discussion with many brands. Will be announcing the same soon.