Having recently returned from the BioDot Operon conference in Zaragoza, Spain, Glasgow-based Rainbow Technology Systems has reported significant interest in its biosensor capabilities.

David Westwood Image

Rainbow has harnessed its expertise in printing, chemistry, design and engineering to offer a comprehensive biosensor design, development and manufacturing service.

David Westwood, Rainbow Technology Systems sales and marketing manager, who presented at the conference said: “We had substantial interest from a number of parties from multinationals to start-ups in our suite of products and services for the lateral flow and biosensor sector.  I think the fact that we are able to be flexible and come up with innovative solutions to industry problems appeals to the sector. The complexity of processes required to both efficiently and economically produce sensors in their millions presents challenges to the industry. At Rainbow we are proud to be able to deliver a range of products and services that meet these challenges and which enable customers to acquire a broad range of capabilities from one partner, Rainbow Technology.”

Biosensor Dosing Image

David’s presentation included reference to a recent project for a client making water quality test kits. Rainbow has worked closely with the firm to develop a bespoke production line to automate the whole biosensor conversion process to deliver a final packaged product.  This will enable the client to efficiently manufacture millions of water test strips at extremely high, consistent production yields.

By definition, a biosensor is a device which uses a living organism or biological molecules, especially enzymes or antibodies, to detect the presence of chemicals.  It is an analytical device which converts a biological response into an electrical signal, so the finished product requires a controlled transformation of a base carrier material into useable individual sensors involving a complex additive process and precision handling of the sensors during production.

Rainbow Technology Systems is one of the UK’s leading process design and manufacturing specialists. With in-house laboratories, printing, 3D design suites and product fabrication, Rainbow Technology Systems is ideally positioned to help customers with the following specialist capabilities:

·         Biosensor design and prototyping

·         Biosensor printing

·         Complete automated biosensor processing to include handling, cutting, cleaning, dispensing, drying, and packing.

Rainbow Technology Systems, continues to invest in highly skilled engineers to accommodate increased demand for its’ products and services.