QNAP Releases Notes Station 3 and Qnotes3 for Collaborative Notetaking on NAS

QNAP Releases Notes Station 3 and Qnotes3 for Collaborative Notetaking on NAS

QNAP® Systems, Inc. today updated Notes Station 3, a multi-user note-taking application for NAS. With Notes Station 3, workgroups can collaboratively edit notes and easily track edits, greatly simplifying team communication and improving productivity. The mobile version, Qnotes3, allows users to record and share inspirations, ideas, and tasks at any time.

“Collaborative notetaking can greatly improve individual and workgroup productivity,” said Josh Chen, Product Manager of QNAP, adding “Notes Station 3 and Qnotes3 are convenient, hassle-free, and ideal for recording daily inspirations, plans, and meeting minutes. We constantly improve Notes Station 3 based on user feedback.”

Notes Station 3 integrates Google Docs™ collaborative editing features with Evernote® notetaking functions. With simultaneous editing, NAS users can transform notes into a workgroup communication platform. Notes can be shared with non-NAS users through public share links, which non-NAS users can edit anonymously. Each edited note displays the editor responsible and an edit date timestamp, helping users easily find the right team member for further discussions.

The Notes Station 3 editing tools include automated layout, image editing, and insertion of NAS files. Users can easily manage and find notes with self-defined tags or through keyword searches. The presentation mode feature in Notes Station 3 also enables users to easily display notes in meetings and presentations. Moreover, to-do lists can be quickly created in Notes Station 3 to help manage daily tasks.

In Notes Station 3 (version 3.5 or later), users can embed YouTube videos and import notes from Evernote. The 2-step verification process protects user data with an extra layer of security. Users can also quickly access saved web content (including web pages, articles, and images) in notes by using the Notes Station 3 Clipper extension for Google Chrome™.

Qnotes3 is a mobile app that allows users to keep note of everyday inspirations while on the go. Users can create and edit notes offline. All notes and edits created offline are automatically synchronized when reconnected to the NAS. Qnotes3 (version 1.3 or later) introduces enhanced editing tools, including highlighting and changeable text colors, allowing users to be more productive while on the road.