Preparing For A Robust Ecosystem

Preparing For A Robust Ecosystem

Today, data transfer speeds have grown considerably and consumers find the need to integrate all of their devices with each other. Connectivity has come to such an extent that today all our phones are linked to one WiFi router. As is the case in an office, all the routers are provided by some manufacturer. Yet, it is hard to come across a brand that offers a wide spectrum providing all-round solutions to any problem – be it connectivity, compatibility, range or even old ports.

gautam_shahPeople can be connected both emotionally and digitally as well. There is no possibility that the person in the next room cannot convey a message through a device with a screen. We have built technology to serve us. For example, just as we have built Artificial Intelligence (AI) to think for us, it still remains a tool, a side-kick that does our work on a mechanical basis. It is functional and will behave like a robot so long as it is taught to perform certain instructions. On the other hand, connected devices are the mainframe. An AI cannot function without the clockwork of Networking and Data- Sharing.

On a different note, a particular behaviour has been observed in the consumer of late. They boast of being technologically-equipped to go head-on with any task. Be it data transfer, lending a hotspot or bringing harmony to a mess of cables and plug points. The consumer wants to be efficient while also serving the need of peers and neighbours in close proximity. It is common to find a traveller in an airport lending a power bank to the passenger beside him. He or she is able to prove their personal technology prowess. Social media, blog entries, online news; all these frameworks require the consumer to have a piece of technology on their person.

The ability to transmit data through wireless networks poses a problem to security. We are subject to so many forms of malware. They come through undetected USB transfers, wireless networks, unsolicited permissions, etc. The number of threats one can face on an intelligent framework such as the world wide web is dangerous. Sure, manufacturers are bringing newer ways to combat these issues, however the point is that we as manufacturers are maintaining a ‘connected’ global ecosystem by facilitating businesses to operate at full efficiency, engineers to build programs and most importantly the needs of the end consumer who needs that framework to connect their remote devices. The least we can do is to distribute a uniform cluster of networking products. And give the consumer a sense of trust by educating them about newer technologies that are building up so fast.

Author is Gautam Shah, CEO of Cadyce, who’s vision is to have a strong and trustworthy network of people through the use of technology.