Post-GST, Tiruppur Has Enormous Opportunities In ERP, Accounting

Post-GST, Tiruppur Has Enormous Opportunities In ERP, Accounting

B Swaminathan

Tiruppur: Chennai based leading ERP solution provider GoFrugal Technologies has recently conducted a select-partner discussion in Tiruppur. Pratheesh Mathew of Phoenix infoways, S Prem Kumar of Prem InfoTech and K Ravichandran of Jothi agencies participated in the discussion.

fgd-tiruppurChallenges in the market:

Kick-starting the event, Prem Kumar said that the top three challenges every retailer is facing are stocks, pricing and discounts. Accepting the same, Pratheesh Mathew also said that, Tiruppur, unlike other markets, had a position called EDP managers in their organizations. “They are those who generally take a call when it comes to decision making on the purchases. The biggest  challenge is they are not in a decision making level.” Ravichandran agreed the same and said that the complexity of the software is much an issue with all the retailers. “If there is any one software that has been successful in the market, no one is not ready to take a risk in terms of migration or modification. In fact, their systems are in place only as a product that is meant not to be disturbed.” Prem further added that another big challenge with their existing retailer face is that the software installed are not suitable for expansion of their business. “When they expand, most of the time, the software in place fails which is not a right approach towards doing business. And most of the time, their software doesn’t support in terms of analytics. With such infrastructure, a customer will never be in a position to plan for the forthcoming years.”

Security was the key concern for all the companies, as mutually agreed by the panel. According to Ravichandran, last year, there were considerable number of data theft and leak that happened in the market because and many business-owners were forced to pay the money hackers demanded. Pratheesh also added that data privacy has become a key concern in terms of phishing emails, employees moving out of organizations, targeted attacks and so on.

Challenges for partners:

Some of the key challenges partners said while selling their products are branding, ease-of-installation and technical support. Prem said that business owners look for a product that is always established and is known in the market. “There are chances that shop owners will even demand by telling the name of the product. Also we found that such demands come not just by seeing the marketing activities of the company but through word-of-mouth.” Prem says. Ravichandran further added that it is always easier for selling the established brand and not the newer software. “With some software having higher penetration across the region, chances are there that software is sold maximum to the nearer and dearer for the business owner who had purchased first. So, the first 5 purchases are tough and takes time”, Ravichandran said. Pratheesh, said that the positive side of the market is the second generation is entering the business in many places and they are entering with knowledge of technology. “The biggest challenge for us is to deploy a software without disturbing the existing business. Imagine a textile retailer having 5 Thousand materials needs to pull out the existing material and shift to another might become a tedious task. That is why, if any software is easy-to-migrate or given in a simplest form like a capsule, will make our task easy”, Pratheesh added. Prem brought the aspect of the importance of training for the partners. “Our key challenge is to get educated on the product and educating it to the employees who, in turn, have to educate to the end-customer. In many cases, even a small miscommunication in the chain will hit the entire cycle,” said Prem further added there are instances even the sales team from many of the ERP organizations are not knowing the specifications of the product. He concluded the discussion by telling that end-to-end product training is must for the partner to get convinced first before taking it to the customer.

GoFrugal will meet all the expectations:

kumar-vembuSpeaking after the discussion is over, Kumar Vembu, CEO, GoFrugal Software, said, “

“GoFrugal’s Assure Returns Partner Program is designed to help partners build a profitable business & develop the required solutioning skills to address the changing needs of retailers, restaurants, distribution and downstream supply chain businesses. GoFrugal believes in building an ecosystem of long term win-win-win partnerships with customers, partners and itself.  Customers are looking to upgrade to specialized solutions for managing their unique business needs. GoFrugal is in the best position to address such customer needs with its proven, in-depth segment specific solutions for the last 14 plus years, addressing the ease of use, data safety,security, mobility and business intelligence needs of customers”