It was a dream come true for Plantronics partners and Rashi branch heads when they embarked upon a ten day trip to SFO, Vegas& New York, U.S. THE CHALO AMERICA WITH PLANTRONICS, Program was a super success with 100 percent achievement from each participant

Rashi-logoThe first dawn of the trip saw a visit to the Plantronics headquarters in Santa- Cruz, California. The Partners got a chance witness the Research and Development center of Plantronics, the same place where the headset used by “Neil Armstrong- The first man to walk on the moon” was designed, the partners also got a lifetime opportunity to experience the Infamous “Wall of Ears”- A wall that which has of ears moulds of every possible size shape& form. Plantronics tests all new headset designs rigorously in order to put on the market the most comfortable headset for all shape and sized ears. The partners got to also experience their amazing acoustic test center which is a testimonial of Plantronics stringent quality parameters.

The next day the Partners and the Branch Heads got exclusive opportunity to have an interaction session with the business heads at Plantronics; they got an insight into the visions and the blueprint of the future roadmap of Plantronics in India. Conference concluded with Partners being foliated with performance related awards.

An overwhelmed Mr. Pankaj Kamal Futuristic Technology, Guwahati. City had this to add “I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to be on this tour to get an overview of Plantronics’s vision, I now have a greater understanding of our products and I am committed to excel ate the business immediately on return.”

The second phase of the trip forever imprinted on the hearts of the Partners. Las Vegas the first stop lived up to all its grandeur. The limo ride to “Sin City, The visit to the world’s biggest chocolate factory was the highlight of the day. When in U.S one cannot afford to skip the City of liberty, New York. The partners had a great experience visiting Manhattan, Central Park, The empire state building and the visit the lady herself, Statue of Liberty.

Another memorable testimony was by Mr. Ashwini –Swiss voice-Delhi “We had a great time with you too and looking forward to many more amazing achievements in the future .We are lucky to have Rashi representing Plantronics in India.”

“Plantronics acknowledges partners tireless efforts to promote premium Bluetooth headsets in the country and we take this opportunity to thank them for our buoyant growth, we hope the visit to our Headquarters has strengthened the partner’s confidence in Plantronics.” Added Bobby Joseph, Country head Plantronics, India.