Partners Can Make Money Out Of Ransomware

Partners Can Make Money Out Of Ransomware
-Jiten Mehta 
JithenToday, I feel Ransomware has become a big opportunity for the partners to get the customer confidence back and probably the service business form them. Once the attack happens, the customer will have a value for the service and probably will have a long relationship after that.  So, partners need to be ready with the solution and moment the customer gets attacked we should be able to deploy the technology.
Partners can have a ‘back up’ policy of the customer in place. Also, this can be utilized as the USP for the partners to sell their services. We have few customers where the service contracts are on and we make sure their data is backed up properly and regular restore data drill was performed and when they got attack we have made sure they did not loose any data and also sold them the anti-ransomware product.

Educating the customer is a difficult task as majority of the customer have seen the effect of ransomware and if they have not faced it. Of course, I am sure they are aware of it. Simply we will have to start adding value by making sure that you are regularly checking the back up data and everyday checking the health of the IT assets own bySATCOM_Latest them and make sure all these are been reported back to customer.

So in short you need educate the customeer of ransomware, rather educate them for our services and value addition what  we are already offering. This is possible if you are serving the existing customer. However, if it is a new customer, then probably one of your sales pitch should have the topic on ransomware and explain them how you are keeping your other customer safe.

If the client does not want to implement the ransomware solution pro actively, channel partner should put all efforts to make sure the client is not affected with the same resources. Channel partner need to show the concern to client for the attack and treat them the way doctor treats the patient and study their damage and try and restore the max and then give the solution.

My ideology on Ransomware is instead of treating it as an attack we must treat as a opportunity for us. Let us face and find the opportunity into it.
(The author is the Director of Magnamious Systems. The views expressed in this articles are his own)