Panasonic India, CII, AOTS & METI Organize Technical Seminar on Welding Technology

Panasonic India, CII, AOTS & METI Organize Technical Seminar on Welding Technology

Over 140 participants from the industry and engineering colleges attended the seminar 

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS Japan) in partnership with Panasonic India organized a technical seminar on high precision arc welding technology, in Pune from 7-8 November 2017. As industry partners, Panasonic India lectured the gathering of industry professionals, college professors and showcased practical demonstration on latest welding Equipment and Robot technology, that can improve productivity of Indian metal fabrication industry.


The seminar was funded by Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Japan (METI) and served as an opportunity to promote welding technology, which remains a critical issue for industrial sectors required to assure long-term reliability across applications such railways, ships etc.

Stressing on the need for advanced Technology infusion along with Skill development Mr Shigeki Yonemori, Managing Director, Panasonic Welding Systems India-PWSI said, “To expedite the government’s vison of expanding manufacturing sectors contribution to India’s GDP, robotics technology will have to play a pivotal role in fulfilling the mission. The process of welding and amalgamating different materials together is the basic form of local manufacturing everywhere. The application of advanced intelligent welding machines which synergises with the skill of welders to achieve superior quality weld, will be the next big thing for the Indian manufacturing industry”.

The seminar also served as a platform to promote Japan’s latest high-precision welding technology into India. Prof. Kazuhiro Ito of JWRI (Joining & Welding Research Institute) Osaka University, Japan delivered a valuable lecture on Microstructural & Topological Modification of Fusion welds for Mechanical property improvement.