Panasonic Design Puts Forward New Lifestyle Ideas For 2030

Panasonic Design Puts Forward New Lifestyle Ideas For 2030

downloadPanasonic Corporation, Appliances Company, Design Center’s FUTURE LIFE FACTORY organized the “EXPANDED SMALL – A Better Life in 2030 Exhibit,” which encouraged people to think about a better life in the future, from March 2 to 5, 2019, at SHARE GREEN MINAMI AOYAMA, Tokyo.

By 2030, technologies such as AI, IoT, and robotics as well as relevant services will have become a staple in our lives. And society will have also undergone change such as an increase of single-person households, so it is said that the sense of values with respect to people’s lifestyles, their way of life will also have become progressively diversified. What will a lifestyle in 2030 – where people gently engage with one another and their changing sense of values are accommodated – look like?

Panasonic designers from business fields such as home appliances, housing, B2B solutions, automotive as well as guest speakers from various industries had open dialogues to discuss what this lifestyle may be like.

At this exhibit, Panasonic introduced its “EXPANDED SMALL” concept, which helps realize an entertaining, enriched lifestyle with a wide range of connected services within a very compact living environment. With the help of companies and partners that concur with this concept, Panasonic exhibited its “EXSMALL” prototype, which is a compact and flexible housing environment, and the “VILLAGE,” shared space that will complement life with the EXSMALL and help create a new community.

Over the 4 days of the exhibition, talk shows were also organized with representatives from partners and a wide range of other guests, who, together with the visitors, discussed what an enriched lifestyle of the future may look like.


The FUTURE LIFE FACTORY is Panasonic Corporation, Appliances Company, Design Center’s design studio established in April 2017 to work on development of advanced ideas.

The FUTURE LIFE FACTORY aspires to redefine what an enriched lifestyle of the future truly means, and to develop products based on technologies and give shape to ideas that not only solve challenges users are facing, but to also create solutions that anticipate future insights, as well as changes in people’s sense of values and social challenges. Through open processes, the factory encourages its designers to come up with unconventional ideas for new businesses and lifestyles of the future.