Optimize Your Wi-Fi Network as Fast As Possible

20180930104513_7675Regardless of whether how old your router seems to be, these tips and tricks work for everyone and making the experiences as painless as possible. So let’s start with the tips that cost nothing.

1-Position your Access Point Correctly.

Position your access point in such a manner that you will be able to enjoy the best of Wi-Fi.. The coverage area is sphere-shaped, so center your access point within your intended coverage area as best as you can. Avoid placing it directly on the floor, on a thick wall or next to large objects like stone, metal and concrete which will reduce your wireless signal strength.

2-Check for Firmware Updates Regularly.

Major brands regularly release new firmware versions to help and enhance router performance with added features. We recommend that you periodically check updates for software and firmware to ensure that you are getting the most from your router. Updating your router is simple and fast, so you will be back and online in only a few minutes. To check for updates you can visit the website of the brand on the box. In many of the adapters you can find newer drivers in the wireless chips set on the manufacturer’s website. To name a few of such chipset makers, those include Broadcom, Atheros, Marvell etc.

3-Choose the right Channel.

The next step is to check your router’s channel, especially if you using the 2.4GHz frequency. Simply, by using a free tool like “Wi-Fi Analyzer”, gives you a visual representation of the other wireless networks in your area on the 2.4GHZ band. The 2.4GHz band is particularly congested because, aside from other Wi-Fi routers in your vicinity, devices like cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens and baby monitors occupy this band. This overload causes interference, slowdowns, and unpredictable connectivity. And there are only three usable channels which restraints overlapping of channels, mainly 1, 6 and 11 and in a perfect world you would want to pick whichever of these is open. Unfortunately in apartment buildings and even danced suburban areas this is unlikely to happen. So if you have a dual-band, then it’s important to make use of those dual band Wi-Fi channels to help speed things up and improve reliability.

4-Grab a more Sensitive Antenna

This is where we start getting into tips that cost money. Grab a more sensitive antenna if your access point has the external antenna support. They come in two main flavors on the directional antennas that will maintain a shape of spherical network. Try to make it bigger, while directional ones can be great if you have a long coverage area..

5-Get a Repeater

Repeaters can be configured with the same SSID, network name and password so you can roll between them pretty much without noticing as long as you’re not doing something like streaming, or video call, which is likely to get disconnected as you move over a certain boundary.

Still Confused? Ignore all tips & simply upgrade to Mesh Wi-Fi system

Finally, if all that stuff didn’t work it might be time for an upgrade to Mesh Wi-Fi network. Mesh Wi-Fi systems are the perfect way to upgrade the wireless internet in a large home or spaces with Wi-Fi “dead zones.” Tenda is the only brand offering affordable mesh Wi-Fi routers for everyone without compromising on technology or coverage. It’s beautifully and aesthetically designed, and the powerful modules plug right into your wall to ensure the signal is everywhere. Tenda Nova MW5 gives you.

•  Up to 3500 square feet coverage

•  Two external 2.4Ghz and 5GHz power amplifiers for each band double its wall penetration capability.

•  Built-in dual-band antennas for excellent wall penetration capability

•  RF optimization for excellent wall penetration performance

•  Beamforming technology concentrates the signal for better wall penetration

•  Wall-plug design, plug n play

•  Support up to 60 devices

•  Easy Setup

•  Parental Control

•  Security