Newly Expanded Micro Focus Security Portfolio Delivers Open, Intelligent and Comprehensive Approach to “Secure the New”

New innovations in analytics empower organizations with better threat detection and security across users, apps and data

organization. This partnership provides IT and security teams with data that has been enriched for better visibility and customization within powerful search dashboards of Elastic.


· Built-in Security Analytics and Enhanced Dashboards: Delivering ArcSight Investigate 2.0 with built-in security analytics displayed in pre-defined dashboards that are powered by Vertica to provide actionable intelligence for front-line analysts.

· Supporting Hybrid Environments: Unveiling Change Guardian 5.0, which now monitors changes to Active Directory in the cloud (Azure Active Directory), and empowers organizations to leverage NetIQ Change Guardian across hybrid IT environments. With the current SIEM integration including ArcSight, Change Guardian now sends intelligent real-time event data from Azure Active Directory to SIEM solutions such as ArcSight, improving overall SIEM reporting capabilities.

· Securing sensitive data across Hybrid IT: Launching SecureData Cloud for AWS, for data-centric security hosted by AWS using cloud-native elastic compute, trust and operational capabilities. Organizations can accelerate deployment of hybrid cloud workloads with sensitive data at DevOps speed while maintaining compliance to regulations such as PCI and GDPR. SecureData Cloud for AWS enables consistent data security and privacy controls over data from on-premise IT to cloud applications for scaled analytics, enterprise data processing, and mission critical transactions.

· Automating Secure DevOps: Enhancing the Fortify portfolio to enable developers, IT and operations to securely and seamlessly test applications both in DevOps and in production without disrupting the software development lifecycle through automation and analytics.

· ArcSight Investigate 2.0 and ADP 2.2 will be globally available in October 2017
· SecureData Cloud for AWS will be available globally in September 2017
· Fortify portfolio is currently available globally
· NetIQ Change Guardian 5.0 will be available globally in September 2017