Need to work together for the better future: Chandra Babu Naidu, CM, AP

Need to work together for the better future: Chandra Babu Naidu, CM, AP

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu addressed a large gathering of Sadhikara Mitra members at Undavalli on Wednesday. Speaking on the need to work together for the better future of the state, the Chief Minister said, “We are stepping into a great future of our state and I am extremely proud of the fact that I have a force of close to 4 lakh Sadhikara Mitra members across the state to carry forward the welfare schemes. The Sadhikara Mitra members did a great job during the Janmabhoomi program and you need to continue the same.”

“We have taken the panchayats, municipalities, officers and all the grass root level volunteers under one window and we need to make sure that all the government schemes reach the beneficiaries”, he added.

sadhikara_mitra_meeting_1Speaking on the challenges the state is facing, the Chief Minister said, “3 and half years back, when the state was bifurcated, we were given a raw end of the deal. Everybody had great concerns about the future of the state and I had to start again from block one.”

“The bifurcation was not done properly and promises were made which have not been fulfilled yet and even now we are fighting for a Special Status, which is our right and we shall have it”, he added.

“People have done no wrong and they should not face any kind of injustice. For the development of Andhra Pradesh, people have voluntarily given the government over 30,000 acres of land. You have entrusted me with taking the state ahead from such a delicate position and I will make sure that all promises are fulfilled”, he added.

sadhikara_mitra_meeting_2The Chief Minister appreciated the role DWCRA has played in bringing both financial and social independence to the women and said, “You are entrusted with a great responsibility and you must make sure that all the government schemes reach the beneficiaries properly. No irregularities of any kind will be tolerated and in case you come across any, take note of irregularities and inform the same to 1100 helpline.”

Elaborating on some of the schemes in the state being run by the Government, the Chief Minister said, “We are the only government in the country providing pensions to close to 50 lakh people, Bima Mitra has done a great job at handling insurance claims at the right time, I have extensively toured the state and made sure that Rs. 53,000 crores were spent on the water projects. Pattiseema was a great success and we will be ODF by March.”

sadhikara_mitra_meeting_4Speaking on his goal to make the state a knowledge hub, the Chief Minister said, “Education is every person’s right. It is your duty to take care of every child’s education among the 35 families under you.  Andhra Pradesh people have already proven their abilities and today, when you look at IT field across the world, you’ll see Andhra Pradesh people contributing greatly in every country.”

“You need to educate yourself and keep yourself updated. The Government will provide you with all necessary resources and you need to apply all your knowledge in real life.” he said.

sadhikara_mitra_meeting_3Asking the Sadhikara Mitra members to continue with the great work that they have done till now, the CM said,” You all are in a very responsible position and it is your job to take the government’s schemes to people and make sure that they are implemented and followed well on grass root level. No chance to corruption must be given. I am working for poor people and together we all must make sure that they benefit from all the schemes the government has implemented. You all must be in a position to use technology well for the same.”

“I have set up RTG in my office and am able to track everything in real time I am also tracking and keeping a close eye on financial and non financial grievances in real time and making sure that they are resolved quicker. Each and every government employee is answerable and I have introduced biometric system through which I have a record of their efficiency.  My ultimate goaI is that 80 out of 100 people satisfied with government”, he said.