NAESYS Dimensions Solution – Sanjeev Kumar Maini

NAESYS Dimensions Solution – Sanjeev Kumar Maini

Naesys Dimensions Solution is an IT solutions and services start-upfounded in January 2015 by Sanjeev Kumar Maini. Sanjeev is a technology graduate from IIT, Kanpur and MBA from University of Phoenix, USA. He is a successful, competent and result oriented sales and business development professional with over two decades of experience in IT/Software & Solutions Sales in APAC, Middle East, Africa & the USA.

Naesys Dimensions Solution is a self-funded company, headquartered in Delhi with presence in Bengaluru, Chandigarh and Bhubaneswar. It serves businesses from diverse sectors, from a large and complex multi-location Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Document Management System (DMS) implementation to a Security & Surveillance solution specifically designed for city surveillance, traffic management and transport industry. Naesys claims to have a high level of technical ability securing extremely confidential and critical government data, defence, BFSI customers from direct attacks or a zero-attack day.

Sanjeev Kumar Maini, MD and CEO-Naesys Dimesnions SolutionInnovation is part of Naesys’s DNA. Naesys brings innovation that leverages the power of technology, to help create a transformed and digitally empowered India. Naesys’s primary focus is to bring innovative technology to create products and services that will give definition to the digital dream. Naesys intends to combine game-changing innovation with world-class technology to create a sustainable tech ecosystem that is innovation for the nation. Naesys is focused on bringing innovations and superior technology solutions that will be the enabler for empowerment, equity and efficiency by joining people with governments, bringing them closer to knowledge and bridging the gap between demand and supply.

Naesys has the tech ability to produce purpose-built systems and solutions to address the unique requirements each sector in the government produces. Naesys listens to its customers and tries its hardest to develop a model that best suits.

Naesys is well placed to collaborate and engage with government at the centre, state and city levels to provide knowledge-rich solutions. It helps government deliver services more efficiently and promote smart government initiatives. Naesys is uniquely positioned with niche solutions that can be deployed quickly and with ease. Naesys is also investing in developing advanced solutions for Government of India’s smart city and digital India initiative. Naesys remains committed to building a better-connected world and a strong industry ecosystem relying on continuous innovations.

Naesys smart city consulting is a new service meant to spur urban innovation and create more liveable cities around the country. Naesys’s Smart City Consulting Service works with local and national governments to develop Smart City master plans tailored to the specific needs of cities and the individual government departments within them. From architecture and infrastructure planning and design to security strategies, their experts work to find the best solutions for government’s specific needs. Naesys sees smart cities as one of the tools for urban development, with people at the heart of the process.

Naesys are experts in providing consulting, design, development and support services across verticals like Government & PSU, telecommunication, health, education BFSI and transport. The company has multiple distinctive focus areas within the organization like Enterprise Application, Systems Integration, Digital Security, Security & Surveillance and video conferencing based tele-presence solution. Each one of these offerings is backed up by highly sophisticated reporting and business intelligence solutions.Naesys is now planning to expand nationally and internationally with new offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Singapore.