Mr. Zakir Hussain, Head of ESS Distribution, official distributor of ESET products in India

Mr. Zakir Hussain, Head of ESS Distribution, official distributor of ESET products in India

1. Security has become very important for smartphones and tablets as a lot of financial transactions are now happening through these devices. In such a scenario, how is your organization looking at this segment?

At ESS Distribution we see great potential for smartphone and tablet security software sales to boom in nearest future. The number of these devices is growing rapidly in India, some industry reports project the number of smartphones to grow over 650 millions by 2020.


In past two years we have also seen a great change in users’ attitude towards mobile security. If in 2012 users hardly cared about securing their devices and only few users would install security applications, today the scenario is different. Users are not only aware about security software, they have certain demands and expectation from this software.

Security vendors did a good job promoting importance of mobile security over the years but at the same time users themselves started realizing this fact since more and more devices are being compromised by malware and more and more people are becoming victims of cyber criminals’ attacks. Mobile malware can allow cybercriminals intercept messages, monitor calls, steal personal information, including photos, videos or netbanking passwords and credit card details which is definitely something to worry about.

2. What are the top concerns of this segment that you trying to address?

There are several obstacles for this segment to become bigger. First of all, the users’ awareness about importance of security software and cyber threats in general that is definitely improving but not at a great pace. Second is the unwillingness of users to pay for mobile security. Just the same as it was with antivirus and PC security software once, manufacturers of paid mobiles security solutions are competing with free available applications.

As we have learned in the past, the experience that users have with security products eventually leads to the choice. People are ready to pay for solid, reliable and user friendly security solutions that can provide quality protection from malware as well as the minimum impact on device’ performance. These are the kind of mobile security solutions we offer, both in consumer and enterprise segments.

For example, ESET Mobile Security for Android offers antivirus protection and variable depth scanning, from quick or smart or deep scanning to scheduled and background scanning features that allow maintaining good performance without compromising on security. Its Anti-Phishing module protects against phishing attacks and web-based attacks via malicious SMS messages, QR codes, or URL links. Security Audit feature helps monitor installed app permissions such as location tracking, access to contacts, or in-app purchases to close any security loopholes. Proactive Anti-Theft feature detects behavior that is out of the ordinary, it locks the device and takes camera snapshots. User can then access them via If user finds his or her device is missing, it then can be located and tracked on a map.

The free version of the application provides basic protection including full device scan, scan of downloaded applications items and basic Anti-Theft functionalities. While the basic mobile protection is free for a lifetime, it’s up to users to decide if they want to subscribe and benefit from Premium features. All Premium features are unlocked after activating of 30-day trial or buying the license. In the premium version users will find Scheduled scanning, On-Charger scan, advanced Proactive Anti-Theft functionalities, including integration, SMS&Call filter and Security Audit.

3. What is your go to market strategy to push your smart-device security solutions in India?

For all the security products that ESS Distribution offers in Indian market we have dedicated channel partners in all regions of the country. ESS Distribution has appointed distributors for retail offerings and system integrators and VAR’s for business and enterprise solutions. In general, the company divides India into four major regions – North, East, West & South appointing at least one major T1 partner followed by multiple T2 & T3 partners.

Since we offer mobile security solutions in both consumer and enterprise segment we provide training and product presentations to our channel partners across the country, provide them with sales and technical support whenever required. It is especially important in case of SIs and VARs working with enterprise clients for whom we offer ESET Endpoint Security for Android. WE consider it vital for our business growth to educate our channel partners on latest security solutions and the technologies in their core.

In user segment we focus not only on partners’ training but on creating end-user awareness through online promotions, various social media campaigns, on-ground activities, through participating in educational events, conferences, also through partnering with young IT entrepreneurs.

4. Are you looking at partnering with device manufacturers in India? Please share more details?

We have been exploring such opportunities with several Indian manufacturers. The talks are in process.

5. Where are the big growth opportunities in this segment and how do you plan to target these?

We expect the user segment to grow tremendously in next two years. Currently we provide users in India with 30-day trial for ESET Mobile Security for Android. We believe after having experience with this security solution for Android devices users will be able to make the right choices.

We also see a future in corporate segment. The rise in acceptance of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) devices among enterprises, evolving network connectivity in India eventually leads to greater amount of sensitive data being exchanged through smartphones and tablets.

Companies of all sized will face the need of implementing security solutions to safeguard their sensitive data and prevent breach of privacy, and we are happy that we have the right solutions ready for them. For example, ESET Endpoint Security for Android that we offer for business users can not only scans all applications, files and memory cards for malware, it can protect the physical devices of employees and can lock these devices remotely or wipe the data in case they are lost or stolen. The important feature of this security solution for business is that system administrators can push security policies to all devices to ensure compliance. They can oversee the company’s mobile IT security effortlessly with single and very user-friendly ESET Remote Administrator web-console which becomes a great solution for BOYD issue that all businesses, from small to large, are facing currently.

6. Please share some of the innovations that you are bringing to the market?

By promoting ESET Mobile Security in India, ESS Distribution offers Indian users not just another mobile security software but definitely something bigger. The newest version of ESET Mobile Security arms Android users with set of strong security features including proactive Anti-Theft that can track lost or stolen mobile devices through an easy-to-use web interface. The new functionality offered for Premium users sends the last location of the device when the battery hits critical level, takes snapshots from front and back camera when the wrong PIN/pattern is entered or an unauthorized SIM change is detected. This is very advanced and comprehensive security solution for Android device that is much beyond general anti-malware solution. So far we have received a feedback from our channel partners using this product on their mobiles phones and the users all over India who emphasize the importance of quick, efficient and easy device location and tracking feature.