Mr. Vinay Shetty, Country Head, ASUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Open Business Group.

Mr. Vinay Shetty, Country Head, ASUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Open Business Group.

Vinay_11.      What are your big focus areas to concentrate on Indian MoBo market today?
In India, the entry level segment is the main driving force for motherboard sales however, we’ve noticed the mid and high-end segments are not too far behind. Game developers, studios and professional musicians are just some of the crowd that are consuming ASUS high-end motherboards and are increasing day by day. This is big chunk of the market that hasn’t been explored to its fullest yet.

2.      What kind of technology trends are defining the current and future market scenario for MoBos?
A large chunk of game development is increasingly outsourced to India. This is not just coding but 3D modelling, concept art and even Virtual Reality to an extent. These organisations require purpose–built machines that can take the strain of intensive CPU and GPU work while offering blazing fast connectivity and storage. It’s industries like these that drive us to come up with innovative products.

3.      How are you as a brand aligning with these trends?
We’ve had gaming oriented motherboards since the past decade and have kept improving upon them with features like 5-Way Optimisation – which automatically assists the user in tuning the performance depending on the task at hand.

4.      What is your opinion on the rise on gaming and hence its related requirement for better and rigorous computing in India?
Gaming as a profession is finally picking up in India and in a couple of years, E Sports will be a recognised sport as it is countries like South Korea and Europe. ASUS has had a very strong sub-brand known as Republic of Gamers (ROG) which started the trend of gaming motherboards almost a decade ago.

5.      What kind of growth are you expecting and where is this growth going to come from?
Gaming motherboards is going to be a major driving force in our growth as well as small form factor builds, where once again we have pioneered with our ‘Impact series’ motherboards.

6.       How strong is your channel base in India and what kind of expansion plans do you have?
Currently we have our presence in over 350 cities with more than 700 partners in total.