Mr.Sunil Sharma, VP Sales & Operations, India & SAARC, Cyberoam.

Mr.Sunil Sharma, VP Sales & Operations, India & SAARC, Cyberoam.

1. What are your views on this emerging trend?
Both cloud computing and virtualization have scaled the popularity charts in terms of adoption and business integration because of their ability to bring down capex and opex for businesses. Over time, these technologies have evolved to offer more cutting-edge benefits. The era of cloud and virtualization is gaining traction because they allow users to do more with less. Whether it’s deployment of new operations, use of advanced applications for revenue generation, optimizing network operations or something else, cloud and virtualization are the future and the future is here.

Sunil Sharma_VP Sales & Operations_India & SAARC_Cyberoam_3.jpg(1)2. What is your go to market strategy to engage clients keen on taking advantage of Cloud or Virtualization solutions?
Cyberoam has launched a range of comprehensive virtual security solutions covering major use cases and supporting nearly 90% hypervisor infrastructure including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix XenServer and KVM. You would soon hear from us on our cloud offerings.

Our go-to market strategy is channel driven – we take the responsibility to lead, engage and motivate the channels to take Cyberoam’ s virtual security to SMEs / SMBs and Enterprise users who want to embrace virtual security solutions. We have been working with VMware partners and other resellers and VARs that specialize in virtualization portfolios.

3. How do you look at the security as a service trend?
The global cloud security market will be worth a mammoth $8.71 billion by 2019.  This figure alone illustrates the growing adoption of cloud computing and the increasing demand for managed security services. While there is no doubt ‘on premise’ security solutions are getting better and better, we are also witnessing a move towards cloud-based security services for their ability to reduce capex , improve cost-efficiency, increase scalability and enhance a business’s ability to meet changing demands of the target market.

4. Why it is important for SMBs and Enterprise to secure their networks? What are the biggest advantages?
Data is the new currency that makes or breaks SMEs / SMBs and Enterprise organizations. The exchange of data and a business’s ability to leverage the potential of its data determine the scope and scale of its growth. Imagine what will happen if this confidential data were to fall into wrong hands. It can irreparably harm the reputation of the organization and result in immense expenses to recover lost data and taking care of liabilities emerging from losing confidential customer data.

Deploying effective Network Security solutions makes it difficult for cyber criminals to cause data breaches. Securing networks is a way of securing data. This is why it’s super important for SMEs / SMBs and Enterprise organizations to secure their networks. The advantages also include protection against viruses, Trojans, hacker attacks, DoS attacks, identity thefts, zero-day attacks, and data interception. Network security also ensures businesses are in compliance with industry and government regulations.

5. After sales, support is mainly important in UTM Firewall, how do you tackle this?
What SMBs and Enterprise users look for, from UTM Firewall products is timely and extensive post-sales support. When a UTM Firewall goes down, it brings down the entire network, which impacts the availability of key business processes and applications. Cyberoam, recognizes the importance of unwavering commitment towards after sales support and to this end it was the first UTM vendor to achieve ISO 20000:2011 certified customer support. We have a world class GSMC (Global Support Management Center) that adheres to best practices in delivering support through multiple channels including email, live chat, phone and support through customer portal.