Mr. Saurabh Sureka, Associate Vice President,RDP

Mr. Saurabh Sureka, Associate Vice President,RDP

1. What are the key priorities for RDP today?
Make in India and Made for India and the World.

Saurabh Sureka2. What is your go to market strategy for RDP ?
We are going with very aggressive marketing and branding strategy. Educating people with correct knowledge and safeguarding the commercial interests of our dealers.We are churning the market inside out by working at district levels and interiors.

3. What are the key differentiators for RDP when compared with other vendors operating in the similar market scenario?
Aggression, Technical Knowhow, Vision – these three attributes makes it stand out Uniquely.

4. Which is the most innovative product & hot product of RDP and why?
AL-400 is the product which is already revolutionising this technology in the market.
A product which has audio & video solutions alongwith supporting all USB printers,etc. Also, it’s overall performance excels the performance of competitors.

5. How do you see the future of RDP -AL-400 in education segment in India?
Bright, very bright. The entire education industry can be catered with this Flagship product of ours. Soon will come a time when you may see AL-400 in most of the educational institutes.

6. What kind of support & service RDP provide to its  clients?
We have a superb support team taking care of all requirements. We are working on a special support model for AL400 , wherein our dealer can sell AL400 and forget about after sales service!

7. What is your vision of reach with AL400?
We are going Global already with AL400. We are reaching out to several regions world over. Probably we shall be the only Indian Alternate Computing Company to have a worldwide presence.

8. How do you look at the government of India’s MAKE IN INDIA and DIGITAL INDIA initiatives?
Amazing initiatives. We are already working on being an integral part of these initiatives.

9. The government is also focussing on smart cities segment, how can your products add value?
Smart City Projects are also wherein Low cost Alternate Computing are integrated.
RDP is going to be an integral part of Smart City Projects PAN India and outside.