Mr.Satyanaryana BVV President, EITA

Mr.Satyanaryana BVV President, EITA

1) How important is an association and in what way it can benefit of channel community?
A)Association is very important to any dealer because it helps to regularise many things like uniform pricing in the market and knowing new things. It helps to discuss, protect and promote the interest of business community and take all steps necessary.

2) Is your association a state or district or city association? What is the structure of the association and how does it work like?
A)Eluru IT Association covers local Eluru city and surrounding Mandals also. The Executive committee consists of 9 members ie. President, Vice-President, General secretary, Joint secretary, Treasurer and 4 executive members, All these post holders are elected in the general body meeting once in 3yrs.

3) What are the recent activities your association has taken for the channel community?
A)As we have started our association recently we have done few activities like installation ceremony, we also conduct regular meeting in association to update our knowledge. We are planning to do many new activities in the near future.

4) Where are the big opportunities for channel business today? How can partners take benefit of these opportunities?
A)Upgrading ourselves and observing day to day changes in market may get us many business opportunity, so dealers should be aware of new products and that give a good benefit.

5) Online websites such as Flipkart or eBay are eroding channel business, what is your stand on this issue and how should channel arise to face this challenge?
A)We are facing lot of problems with online business. But we explain to customers the disadvantages of online purchases and advantages of local purchase, like the local dealer takes the responsibility and online cannot.

6) How can this issue of online trading be tackled in best possible manner?
A)All the local dealers should merge as a partners and start online business.

7) In this kind of scenario, what is the best mantra to succeed for channel partners?

A)The best success mantra can be – Genuine & Trustful in business.