Mr.Rajshekhar Bhatt, Country Manager, ECS

Mr.Rajshekhar Bhatt, Country Manager, ECS

1. What are your big focus areas to concentrate on Indian MoBo market today?
Good part is India’s PC penetration is very low but at the same time PC market is not growing the way it was expected to be & there are many reasons to it. As per the our vision & mission statement we would like to offer right product at an affordable price & offer more features than what our competition can offer for same price with better or equally reliable product.

AI7A03442. How big is India’s MoBo market today and what is your market share in this segment?
150K per month in India, and the market share of ECS is 27%. We are the second largest motherboard vendor in India. This based on total number of Motherboards being imported or sold by different brands in India.

3. What kind of technology trends are defining the current and future market scenario for MoBos?
We believe the gaming segment’s proportion in the motherboard industry will continue to grow in the future. For example, we are now seeing increasing number of live broadcast for gaming competition, showing that the number of people watching gaming competition has increased.

Therefore, we have a high hope on the gaming market’s future and have placed a lot resource into the development of the LEET.
Other IMP aspect will be from factors, new trends like support for SSD, Wifi, Bluetooth capabilities etc.

4. How are you as a brand aligning with these trends?
We designed the LEET series to let gamers know that the products within the series are designed specifically for them and we are designing and adding functions and technologies that they want through the series. The launch of the LEET will be a brand new start for ECS and we are very excited about the strategy.

The product series’ name LEET comes from the word elite, a favorite word used among gamers. If you see the logo designed for the series, it represents a fist, showing gamers are ready for competition and its golden color represents ECS’ high-end Golden series product lines.

Meanwhile, Durathon 2’s idea comes from two words: Durability and Marathon, we designed the certification system hoping our motherboards’ durability and stability can be similar to running Marathon – long and tough – and through the system, we can also show customers our advantages over product quality.

5. What is your opinion on the rise on gaming and hence its related requirement for better and rigorous computing in India?
As many motherboard players have started paying their attentions to the gaming market, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), as a major motherboard vendor, is also set to expand its gaming business with a new product 100 series motherboard and with its Durathon 2 certification system to guaranteeits product quality, the company is eyeing for a better shipment performance in 2015.

Meanwhile, we provide the Durathon 2 is a certification system that is far stricter than the average of the motherboard industry. We use better materials for our motherboards and going through strict tests such as temperature experiment, running from minus 10 to plus 50 degree Celsius, higher than the industry’s standard range between minus 5 to plus 45, to ensure our customers to receive products with quality higher than the standard.

Before shipments, our motherboards need to pass more than 1,500 tests including compatibility, functionality, temperature and system boot checks. Through these tests, we are also trying to let customers understand that a trustworthy motherboard needs to be at least able to pass through these examinations before handing to them.

The capacitors we used on our motherboards are also higher in grade compared to the market standard. All these demands are aiming to provide our customers products with values surpassing their paid prices. In the future, we will continue to run the Durathon 2 certification and expand tests to ensure our product quality to remain the highest.

6. What kind of growth are you expecting and where is this growth going to come from?
We still believe Indian PC market has great opportunity to grow, for Desktop market major customers will be Govt, BFSI, BPO’s & other applications & users who would need computing device on their desk.

Additionally with our other offering like Mini PC & AIO range we do believe we have right mix of form factors catering to people looking for Lifestyle affordable products for their home & offices.

7. How strong is your channel base in India and what kind of expansion plans do you have?
Channel is an integral part of our value chain, as a company we invest lot of time & money to train, educate our partners. Our whole focus is to offer competitive product with all key features & high reliability to enduser& to maintain healthy bottom line for our channel partners.

We insure there is no conflict & price competition between the channel partners & we expand/add channel partners in high growth market where either there is no focus or less focus by competition.