Mr.Rajesh Goenka, VP Sales and Marketing, Rashi Peripherals

Mr.Rajesh Goenka, VP Sales and Marketing, Rashi Peripherals

1. What are your big focus areas to concentrate on Indian MoBo market today?

Rashi continues to strengthen the component business linked to the assembled PC segment. We continue improving business in CPU, Hard, Drive, RAM and Mother Boards.

RajeshGoenka2. How big is India’s MoBo market today and what is your market share in this segment?

400 to 500 THOUSAND PER QUARTER should be TAM for Mother Boards, and Rashi has the largest share in the country amongst all distributors.

3. What kind of technology trends are defining the current and future market scenario for MoBos?

Movement of the 4th Generation CPU Mother Boards has seen a healthy sale, with the announcement of Generation 6 in August; we expect the sales to Increase with the introduction of the new Chipset Boards. Simultaneously, there has been noticeable growth in higher end and gaming category boards.

4. How are you as a brand aligning with these trends?

As we enter the 6th generation era, we are prepared with DDR4 Memory and SSD’S to not only supplement but also cater to the upcoming demands for high speed and performance.

5. What is your opinion on the rise on gaming and hence its related requirement for better and rigorous computing in India?

The PC gaming is on the rise and the graphic attached ratio has crossed 30%. This has enabled the demand to increase for mid end and high end motherboards and CPU’S. This trend will further improve and expect sales of high end gaming motherboards to increase steadily.

6. What kind of growth are you expecting and where is this growth going to come from?

We are expecting the growth to be fuelled by the end consumers, Professionals and the Gaming enthusiasts to help us attain a growth of 20-30%.

7. How strong is your channel base in India and what kind of expansion plans do you have?

Rashi has the widest reach across India with 53 Branches and 56 Service Centers, catering to over 9000 partners across 750 towns and cities of India.