Mr. Manish Aher, Director of Product Marketing and Country Manager India at Targus Asia- Pacific

Mr. Manish Aher, Director of Product Marketing and Country Manager India at Targus Asia- Pacific

1. What are the key focus areas for Targus today?
Today, and for over 32 years, Targus focus has been to bring the most suitable solution    various types of users. Targus focus is to deliver relevant consumer-centric solutions to support the mobile lifestyle, through its collections of notebook /Tablet cases and accessories.From the busy entrepreneur looking for an extremely protective backpack to the fashionista looking for a lightweight and colorful sleeve, Targus provides the right case.

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While the focus is always to protect the user’s equipment, Targus also focuses on bringing style, design, comfort, functionality to someone travelling and commuting. Apart from the notebook cases where we are world leader, Targus has made significant investments in accessories as well as enterprise solutions.Some of our latest range of cables was designed with a clever combination of materials, colors, charging functionality to provide users with enhanced levels of convenience in home, at the office or on the road.

2. How big is the channel community for Targus today and what are your plans to increase the number?
At present, Targus is covering the entire India territory, through our online presence and our physical presence in 280 cities. Our channel plans are to strengthen our current position, and to expand in selected channels.

We want to be a partner of choice for our 1,500 resellers and over 200 direct MNC customers. Recently we held an enterprise event in Delhi and over 150 corporate resellers attended the event, which was specifically about the Enterprise range of products that Targus has. In close partnership with our teams, local reseller events are the best platform for Targus partners to be presented the existing and upcoming ranges, and to enjoy unique offers and special programs, all designed to improve the overall profitability. By supporting such events and related support, we strengthen and widen our partnerships.

3. What kind of innovations are you bringing to the market today?
We are constantly innovating and bringing new solutions for our customers.Most recently, we have launched the GridTM Collection, made of slipcases and backpacks. Promising extra protection for urban professionals, explorers and adventurers alike, this range passes the U.S. military drop test MIL-STD-810G that protects devices even at repeated drops of up to 4 feet or 1.2 meter.  The GridTM Collection offers superior protection against shocks, abrasion, vibration, moisture and dust. It features an elaborated protective system made offour layers, which are the thick rubber bumpers, PU/PVC leather, memory form and nyflex lining. Made by high-performance, lightweight material and water-resistant outer polyurethane, the GridTM Collection is designed to provide exceptional resiliency and durability.

In other segments of the market, Targus has been monitoring wireless charging technology for several years and has developed and tested several prototypes. We expect to bring products to market during the next 6 months.  We are looking to expand on our market leading lineup of cases and power products by bringing to market wireless charging solutions that provide excellent user experiences. We are designing and developing charging solutions for consumers and businesses.

Following up from Intel announcement at Computex in Taiwan, Targus is developing charging pads for use with multiple devices and protective cases that enable devices without integrated wireless charging. Targus is exploring several industrial design options and will finalize the products based on testing and market research.

For every product launch, we are bringing something new and innovative, from materials to design, to functionality, even for commodity items, such as charging cables for example. While it is obvious that an adapter is critical to deliver power to a device, it is sometimes forgotten that the actual cable plays a crucial role in the transfer of that power. It can also be forgotten that most cables available in the market might not meet basic and essential technical requirements.The Targus lightening cable delivers up to 2.4 Amp of power; the Targus 2-in-1 range of cables, equipped with a micro USB connector, free the users from carrying two cables. Innovative and consumer-friendly solutions are at the heart of what Targus does, always ensuring it is widely available and easily accessible. Targus cables can be purchased at leading retails such as Croma/Reliance/Flipkart and Amazon, and leading traditional retail chains.

4. Please share your growth plans for India and where is this growth going to come from?
India is a fast-growing and focus country for Targus. Building on our existing network and strengthening it by adding new partners, we expect a significant growth to come from our corporate business.With an initiative launched a few months ago to hold dedicated corporate events across the country, which have attracted a large number of partners and received very positive feedback, we are confident in our business solutions.

We are also very confident in our current and fast expanding range of corporate solutions, in particular our range of docking stations. Available in the market for a few years, our docking solutions have expanded and we are most pleased to now introduce our travel dock. We also trust that such a versatile solution will be very welcome at retail. Our LFR and online channels continue to growth, along with traditional IT channel which has enjoyed a strong focus and significant investments.Our preferred partners, such as Creative and Ingram Micro, both powerhouses in their respective capacity, have played a major role in distributing Targus products to multicity partners.

5. How do you look at the competition today and how do you differentiate?
Targus is a leader in the market, and has been around for over 32 years. Since 1983, throughout the years, we have built a unique position.

We invest in market and consumer research to ensure only the most suitable solutions reach the market. Our products get tested by independent labs and need to demonstrate the best in numerous aspects to be launched.

Targus constant research and market / trend analysis ensure that Targus products are on shelf at the most appropriate time.

We work in close partnership with a variety of suppliers, ensuring that all of them are meeting our strict requirements. For example, the majority of our suppliers have ISO 9001 certification or approval of similar standing.

All our suppliers also comply with RoHS / Prop 65 / REACH legislation and have an ongoing program of improvement within their own supply chain.

Similarly, we encourage our suppliers to achieve ISO 14001 certification.

Targus has a commitment to work with its vendor to educate and improve social compliance consciousness, health and safety standards, as well as environmental legislation.

6. What is your opinion on the fast emergence of enterprise market for your organisation?
Following up from our success across the region, we are planning to hold Enterprise events in a variety of cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.