Mr. M.A Mannan Country Manager, Corsair Memory India

Mr. M.A Mannan Country Manager, Corsair Memory India

1.How channel ecosystem can benefit by reselling and pushing best in class memory brands today.
Channel partners play a very key role during any purchase. They are the opinion leaders for majority of customers and their advice matters the most. In such cases, recommending best in class memory brand can be very crucial to maintaining trust among their consumers. Most of the sales happen from repeat customers which is a sign of trust. Also, channel partners should not be focused more on the price aspect. Customers usually stretch their budget for quality. It is time what matters the most! A faulty memory module would demand time for repair/replacement, which consumers just hate!

M A Mannan Country Manager Corsair Memory India2.What are some of your key focus areas when it comes to pushing your products in the memory segment?
Corsair has successfully dominated this segment with its Vengeance and Dominator series of RAMs. With quality on our side, we focus more on channel strategy. Corsair has memory for every customer according to his budget. VS for entry level, Vengeance for gaming and overclocking and of course Dominator- the world best and fastest dram. We would like to educate our partners about our unparalleled technology in RAMs. Corsair memory modules have wide-spread usage in gaming, designing, healthcare, editing and more. We have invested our time and money in building Corsair in India and there are certain perks in associating with a world class brand like ours.  We welcome our partners and customers to connect with us for information on our products.

3.Where are the big opportunities in this space? How closely do you work with your channel ecosystem in India?
It is the Tier II & III cities, where channel partners can make the most out of Corsair. This is where recommending Corsair would help partners and the company to grow. Also, online and LFRs are able to churn numbers consistently.

We deal with our channel partners exceptionally well and extend our full cooperation tothem. Our partners have had no unpleasant customer feedbacks and always had a healthy image in the market. It is very important for us to have the same synergy among us to move ahead. Our responses to their queries are quick and efficient. By promoting brand Corsair the channel partners fetches a fair amount of margin which is evading other entry level brands.

4.What are some of the big challenges that you see in this space today?
The biggest challenge in this space is to compete against lower-end models. Even though they suffice the basic needs of a user, the difference of using a Corsair module against a lower version is huge in the long run. The decay in terms of performance in Corsair modules isalmost negligible.

Also, mobile devices have slowly started to gain acceptance as a primary computing device. Experts say that even though a PC has its specialized usage, the growth of mobile devices has affected this segment for now.

5.How can these challenges be converted into opportunities?
The consumers have to make the tough decision. It’s a dilemma between Quality & Price. And as consumers we always prefer Quality! The burst of internet has suddenly filled us with knowledge and consumers are making smart choices when it comes to buying.

Also, the growth of mobile devices has sparked our interests in gaming. People are now spending their leisure times in these activities. This will eventually help us tap this market with promises of better performance, graphics and experience on a PC!

6.Please share some of the innovations that you as a company are bringing in the Indian market today?
Both Vengeance and Dominator RAMs come with built-in heat sink for faster heat dissipation. The entire body of the module is covered with metal to ensure that the heat generated from the chips are distributed equally and spread over the body. This helps in over-clocking and ensures longer life!

We have refreshed our lines of memory modules and made improvements based on customer and expert feedback. Our lines of Vengeance and Dominator RAMs are a big hit among professional gamers and enthusiasts.

7.What are some of the big advantages that you bring for your end customers, as well as your partners today?
We have a hassle-free after-sales service that minimizes the liability of partners in case of damage. So essentially partners just have to sell and forget. Customers have an easy access to service stations all over India. They can even courier their damaged product and get a quick replacement.

We offer trust and quality to our partners and customers. It is a simple equation simplified further by our hard-working team at Corsair India!