Mr Ketan C Patel,CEO, Creative Peripherals & Distribution Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Ketan C Patel,CEO, Creative Peripherals & Distribution Pvt. Ltd.

1. How is creative bringing differentiation to the market?
Creative Peripherals has always been at the forefront of launching innovative products. Some of the brands Creative Peripherals has launched in the Indian market are Beats, Rapoo, Belkin, Targus, & Creative. Creative Peripherals has also expanded its product range not only in the IT segment but even in Telecom, Imaging and Life Style Products which in itself is a differentiation in distribution.Ketan_1

2. Where are the new growth opportunities for the company today and how is it bringing innovation to distribution?
IT products are now merging with Telecom and hence Telecom offer great business opportunities. Creative Peripherals has explored this by launching new products such as like Tablets under its brand name Smart. Apart from products, Creative Peripherals is also a distributor with a difference devising Marketing Activities both offline and online for it brands. Creative Peripherals strongly believes in Digital Marketing and has executed some of the projects for its brands.

3. Please share details of products being distributed by creative today and what are your plans to add more products?
Our Brands include AOC, Beats, Sennheiser, Philips, Funai, Targus, Belkin, Linksys, Bandridge, Olympus, Manfrotto, Lava, Nokia, iolo, NetProtector, Creative, TOTOLINK, Rapoo, Transcend, ADATA, PhotoFast, Viewsonic, PRINTRONIX, Verico and Portronics. For more details please visit our website

4. What are your plans to expand your channel base in India?
Increase the number of branches in India thereby increasing its partner base.

5. How do you look at on-going digital India campaign by government, How can creative contribute to this initiative?
The On-Going digital campaign by Government Of India is creating a lot of hope and awareness about IT and Telecom industry in India. At Creative Peripherals we feel that this will generate lot of business opportunity for lot of people in all business segments as IT and Telecom is now a part of each and every business in India. We at Creative Peripherals have initiated addition of more quality brands increasing their availability with aggressive pricing for the Indian Market. Brands like TOTOLINK offering WiFi solutions, Targus for IT and Telecom accessories, Rapoo which offers Wireless IT Accessories and are some the solutions for supporting the on-going Digital India Campaign in India.