Mr.Joyce Ray, India Business Head, Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd

Mr.Joyce Ray, India Business Head, Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd

1. What led you to start the program Tally Xcelerator, Objective and Outcome?
The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has emerged as a dynamic and integral sectorof the Indian economy. MSMEs not only provide large scale employment opportunities at a lower costbut are complementary to large industries, contributing to the socio economic development of thecountry. The Tally Xceleratorprogram was introduced to offer business consultancy services to small and medium businesses. Thestructure of the program is such that it helps to promote the growth of innovative and highlycompetitive SMEs in India, thereby contributing to the development of a dynamic private sector andentrepreneurial culture within. Under this program, Tally appointed partners called Tally Xcelerators willextend business advisory services playing the role of a coach, mentor and trainer to all of Tally’s partnersand small businesses across the country. The program aims to help SMEs realize their trade andinvestment opportunities and become competitive in both the domestic and global market.

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2. How did it help SMEs to grow in a competitive business environment?
Under the program, businesses interact with our highly skilled and resourceful TX partners who offerexpertise depending on the requirements of the business. While a new business entrant may requirefunding and market entry, an established set-up may require assistance with new market penetration,change management, innovation and effective governance. Services like mentoring and coaching, betteraccess to finance, better organizational culture and industry best practices to improve growth andproductivity not only adds value to the business owner, but also instills a can-do spirit by building self-confidence and making a partner/businessman aware of his/her potential and competitive advantage inthe market place.

3. What regions did you target for this program?
Tally Xcelerator is a Pan-India program and is not specific to any particular region. The program is aimedfor small and medium businesses across the country. Any business looking for help or require assistanceon a specific area of business operations or want to seek benefits of Services, can reach out to our TXpartners. We do not restrict the TX partner to a specific region/zone. If a business in the South Indiawants to speak with a partner in the North India, they can do so.

4. Could you briefly tell us as to how were these Tally TX Partners chosen? Any Criteria?
Tally Xcelerators are independent and experienced experts, who are equipped to offer hands onpractical help, advice and support in specific business areas that will help make a difference to businesssuccess. Currently, enrollment in the program to become a TX partner is by invitation only. The TXpartners are selected after an internal selection process by Tally experts.

5. What is the current size of Tally TX Partners in India? How do you plan on expanding this in the near future?
We currently have 25 TX partners spread across different geographies in India. These partners have theresponsibility to carry forward the vision of the program and at the same time, play an important role of

• Identifying existing and potential entrepreneurs
• Providing them with mentoring and coaching which is aimed at strengthening their
• entrepreneurial behaviors and business skills
• Assisting them in accessing business development services
• Facilitating access to finance
• Displaying mutually beneficial links with larger network
• Creating an environment in place for long-term support systems to facilitate the growth of SMEs

Through this initiative we want to reach out to the maximum number of SMEs in the country, and helpand guide them in their progress and development. We are holding events to launch the TX partners intheir respective markets, and communicating the list of advisory services that they offer. The exposurewill help businesses know more about the partner and connect with them easily. While the program is inits initial stage, the response so far has been phenomenal and is likely to pick up momentum early on,
since there are very few consultancy services dedicated to the Small and Medium Enterprises.

6. How did Tally benefit from Tally TX Program?
There are several initiatives that the government is driving to promote economic development in thecountry. Introduction of GST, Digitalization, Skill Development etc. are all aimed towards empoweringbusinesses and the workforce of the country. Tally supports these initiatives and would like to play anactive role in helping the small and medium businesses to adapt to them. This further attractsinvestments and creates more employment opportunities for our youth. While the nation progressed inthis direction and industries expanded, it is natural that every businesses including Tally grows.