Mr Brian Dong – Sales Director TP-LINK Asia-Pacific.

Mr Brian Dong – Sales Director TP-LINK Asia-Pacific.

1.       What are the key networking trends being driven by adoption in India?
As for networking area, Cloud and Virtualization technology is the foundation of IoT(Internet of Things).  By using this technology, people can enjoy the high speed for internet and less redundancy and unlimited storage, more cost efficiency for share and control . So that, product and service related to IoT and high speed, cloud services, will have the high demand for customer community and enterprise community.  Networking with Intelligent, proactive, always-on smart home that can be accessed from anywhere will be the main trends in India.

选IMG_8775 12.       What are your offerings in this space?
Firstly, TP-LINK basic wireless router will be built in cloud sever so that people can link home to check and storage information anytime by TP-LINK router APPs. TP-LINK cloud IP cameras is providing simple ,flexible and cost-effective solution to secure people’ home which have become more and more popular in India market.

Secondly, TP-LINK future IoT router will become the gateway for the IoT devices.  For TP-LINK AC router, APP control has already become the truth and more and more function will be built in next step.

Thirdly, Cooperate with Google, TP-LINK just launched the first IoT router Onhub in US and Canada. Meanwhile,  TP-LINK smart home devices and sensors such as smoke, motion, contact, moisture and thermostat are under developing with TP-LINK R&D centre based in California.US.  TP-LINK will be more active to cooperate more and more traditional manufacture company such as white-goods company for air-condition, TV, wash machine, fridge.

3.       How does the customer community look at cloud and virtualization today? are there any real demands coming from the enterprise community?
Look at the rapid growth of smart phones and you will see people is seeking the most convenient way to networking home and working place. Truly there are some people with little concern for the security and privacy about the application of cloud and virtualization technology.  At the matter of fact, cloud computing and virtualization computing application enhance the network security than before.  As for the application of enterprise, Cloud and Virtualization is a very powerful solution that can improve company IT networking infrastructure and bring extremely high cost saving by using virtual networking virtual desktops, cloud server etc.

4.       What kind of enthusiasm do you see in the channel community when it comes to selling cloud or virtualization today? how can this be bettered in the near future?
As for networking area, TP-LINK high speed router will become popular for our channel partners. Because people have high demand for networking speed and have more devices to connect than before.  However, for the IoT product, the worldwide standard still need some more time to be unique that need hardware and software companies and organizations stay and cooperate together.
5.       What are some of the big advantages that cloud and virtualization bring for the enterprise customers?
Unlimited storage, More cost efficiency, Less redundancy for networking.

6.       How can channel benefit from this transformation?
Channel customer will enjoy the great benefit from hardware upgrading and new market demand for selling IoT product that business scale is beyond imagination.

7.       What kind of growth do you expect from these segment and where is this growth going to come from?
We are looking at another 10 times growth from these new segment that come from IoT router, Smart home such as cloud IP cameras, smart LED lights, smart sensors for windows/door, detectors for smoke moisture and thermostat.