Mr.Ansar Khan,Regional Channel Manager –South India,Antec

Mr.Ansar Khan,Regional Channel Manager –South India,Antec

1. What are the key priorities for Antec today?
A.To ensure product availability all across India with strong resellers network which we have, so that the demand from the market can be fulfilled. We have also started to be more flexible in the Indian market by introducing Customized Products for India depending on the Budget and requirement of the market. When it come to priorities our outmost

2. Where the major products are your brand deals with and which product is considered to be the hot product?
A.Cases, PSU, Accessories and Mobile Bluetooth Accessories Products. Cases and PSU are one of best moving, due to its HIGH QUALITY at reasonable prices. All PSU are “TRUE and CONTINUOUS” Power where you will not find in most other Brands, and Antec also dedicate in energy saving, with high Efficient PSU.

3. What are the trends in that are set to drive the Gaming space ahead?
A.It has become challenging part not for the vendors but for the entire channel community as this space is purely customer driven and demand orientation which YOY expected to grow from 15% to 20%. More over if you have product quality with affordable price tag less failure rate of the product that itself drives the space. Antec has set benchmarks already across the globe for its quality and performance.

As for as India point of view we are making products more Affordable from Antec, with High Performance output.

4. How big would be the total size of the market in South India? As a regional head what are your priorities in this region?
A.If you see overall market size of India, its known fact that from Sothern Region we contribute very healthy share where skill based activities happens more in comparison with other regions. There are no such published figures which has come from southern region where figures and numbers has been scattered and indicate only India. We are having good % of growth YOY from southern Region, where as the market is confine to non branded product for  PSU and chassis against branded segment.

As a region head the out most priority is to maintain the resellers network which we have currently by adding more and more partners. Also to ensure demand and supply chain in the channels by educating about the quality over the price, the trend has huge scope and customer is preferring performance and quality.

5. How do you take care of service part in South India?
A.In India after service would be assisted by the distributor where the end users can receive RMA within 3 working days after providing the supporting information to the distributors. The end users can approach their point of purchase where they turn to distributors for the RMA.

6. How important is the channel partner community for you?
A.Antec follows VIP concept. VIP describes the unique experience of owning Antec products. VIP stands for Value, Innovation and Perfection. It’s how we treat our customers/ channel community like true VIPs.

Antec helps establishing the  value chain by identifying new business avenues by vertical based solutions selling approach handholding the partners, act as a true ‘ VALUE ADDITION” to the channel partners leading to higher profitability to all.