Mr. Ankesh Kumar – Director – Product Management (Channel, IT Solution) & Marketing at Emerson Network Power India

Mr. Ankesh Kumar – Director – Product Management (Channel, IT Solution) & Marketing at Emerson Network Power India

1. What are some of the big priorities for Emerson today? How is the company moving towards fulfilling these priorities?
With a focus on the customer, Emerson Network Power’s priority is to align its solutions with the business goals of our customers. Accordingly, we remain committedto keep out innovation engine running and transform into a one-stop solution provider for businesses to protect and optimize their critical infrastructure. In keeping with the current trends, we are fully equipped to service the large set of IT, communication and infrastructure projects and opportunities which are coming up in India.

Ankesh Kumar,  Director - Product Management (Channel, IT Solution) & Marketing, Emerson Network PowerFrom a company standpoint, we are geared up to adapt to the changing scenarios of the industry and our current focus is to target SMEs and SMBs considering the growing demand for cost efficient IT Solutions. Accordingly, we have channelled our marketing machinery focus on cooperative banks and the retail sector in tier II and III cities. Gradually we are also planning to increase our outreach program to smaller manufacturing segments like auto ancillary hubs. More organizations now realize the role of smarter and modular data centers as well as 24×7 connectivity in driving business growth. Accordingly, we are looking at good business opportunities by banking on our portfolio of Smart Solutions which includes smart rows and aisles and UPS Power Back Up systems.

Apart from the above, we expect the recent announcements on smart cities along with the focus on local manufacturing to stimulate demand from telecommunications and IT/ITeS sectors. This is another area where we are aiming to become the fore runner with our high-efficiency industrial UPS solutions. We aim to build stronger awareness about technology trends, products and services to help organizations, including the government, bring in a positive change in the energy landscape, by providing flexibility and a holistic insight into power management.

2. How does the company look at the burgeoning SMB market – what role is being played by channel partners to target the SMB segment?
Recent initiatives and policy bolsters from the government, has led to India witnessing a burgeoning number of start-ups, SMBs and SMEs.This has opened up opportunities for companies such as ours to contribute and play a major role in the day-to-day operations of businesses.SMBs belonging to any sector, be it financial services, manufacturing, IT/ITEs are constantly looking for cost efficient IT solutions that help them improve customer service and increase business efficiency.

As stated above, the surge in the number of SMBs aided by the growing economy, has also now led to increased demands for 24×7 connectivity for businesses. With Emerson’s experience in enterprise level datacenter design and build, we can now offer customers a very innovative concept of integrated infrastructure called Smart Solutions which gives provides large enterprise level agility to SMBs.

Channel partnersplay a very important role in our growth considering they constitute our go to market strategy. All our products and solutions are available through our channel partners, thereby elevating them as a solution provider status with complete critical infrastructure offering.Along with this, we have also enabled them with the right training and have also given them an understanding how we plan to achieve this with our channel promotional plan. Apart from the training, we are also enhancing their returns by continuously tweaking our policies for their benefit. What has elicited positive response from partners is the tie-up with PAYBACK so that our VARs and NSPs can now redeem their reward points from over 50 leading PAYBACK partner brands. This allows them to club their points and choose rewards of their liking on sales of the Emerson portfolio.

3. What are some of the trends that are likely to reshape the market dynamics for power solutions?
The increasing number of new start-ups and businesses in India is driving the demand for 24×7 power supply.For example if we take the manufacturing sector, one needs constant electricity to ensure production goes on unhindered. Even an hour without electricity can result in the business facing a loss, thereby affecting the profit of a business in the long run. This is one of the reasons that more companies are now looking at becoming energy efficient without compromising their agility and availability.

This is also driving more adoptionof power solutions such as industrial inverters and UPS systems. When it comes to energy, India has had the dubious distinction of being ‘power deficient’ and this can stunt the development of any project. In light of this, we are also witnessing an increasing demand to go green and have responded to offer see solar inverters which we believe, will play a huge role in fulfilling the increasing demand for cost efficient power solutions. It will become the go to power solution, for companies that are looking to sustain growth and reduce their carbon footprints.

Emerson Network Power, has recognized all these trends early on and is constantly researching and testing new innovative power solutions for businesses and customers. Below are two important points that have helped us continue with our endeavour.

• Renewable energy sources like Solar are helpful in tapping new markets, especially in the Indian scenario, as a lot of projects are coming up in smaller cities and towns with the number of SME and SMBs growing in tier II/ III cities
• With increased spending announced for mega projects for solar power, the market awareness and demand for power solutions would increase considerably

4. What kind of innovative products and solutions is the company bringing in the market today?
For businesses to function in an organized and efficient manner, 24×7 continuous energy supply is crucial and although quite a few of SMBs have started thinking about datacenters, they haven’t been able to invest in datacenters considering the resource and space limitations. Organizations generate large amounts of data and some of them have to make do with very limited IT infrastructure and with perhaps two to three servers. They do not have the capacity to invest in huge datacenters on account of space constraints and are always on the lookout for smart solutions that can help them save and manage data without having to build new datacenter space. This approach, helps them increase their data center capacity, improve IT control and business efficiency without having to build a new datacenter, which would involve the company incurring huge costs.

Hence these companies are always on the lookout for smart solutions that are easy to deploy, modular and compact in nature and also energy efficient as these solutions come complete with the latest power management and cooling systems.

Emerson now offers companies solutions like Smart Rows, Smart Cabinets, Avocent Matrix and Avocent ACS, all of which are the current and most popular solutions available in the market.

Smart Rows- Smart Rows solve the problem all too common to IT management. They address IT needs without having to building new data center space.

Smart Cabinets- The Smart Cabinetsolution enables Enterprise Class IT Infrastructure through the provisionof integrated enclosure, power, cooling and service. Critically it also enables the most vital element namely offering 360° visibility of all system components. This enables review, real time monitoring as well as insight into system performance going ahead so SmartCabinet customers can most effectively manage – and plan theirIT Infrastructure. Continuous availability in turn rests on the power and cooling infrastructure that supports these systems.

Avocent Matrix-Designed as a digital growth platform, the Avocent® Matrix Digital High Performance KVM product line creates a future-proof environment that customers can expand as new technologies become available, such as higher video resolutions, improved USB standards and video interfaces. It is highly configurable and scalable, and gives broadcasters the flexibility to manage their system now without worrying about what hardware they will need in the future. Some of the benefits are good personnel efficiency, cost saving and improved IT manageability.

Avocent ACS-The ACS 6000 console server series integrates advanced technologies, adaptive services and secure enterprise communications for high-end, large, enterprise data centers. These console servers offer the performance and reliability necessary to efficiently access and manage IT assets such as servers (UNIX, Linux and Solaris), routers, switches, public branch exchange (PBX) telecommunications equipment (DSU/CSU) and serial power devices.

5. Where are the big growth opportunities? How do you plan to tap these opportunities and what role will be played by the channel partner community?
In terms of opportunities, we have been reaching out to many SMBs and SMEs across India and have reached out to 700 potential companies. Our initial focus has been banks and retail, but now we are looking at tapping the manufacturing, finance and healthcare sectors too. In addition to this we are also reaching out to auto ancillary hubs and manufacturing hubs. These sectors are always on the lookout for complete and dynamic solutions that makes setting up a robust and agile IT infrastructure easy and efficient.

Our channel partners play a significant role as they help us in reaching out to so many of these SMBs and SMEs. The confidence in helping SMBs also ensures that our partners can then evolve to working easily with larger clients. We treat our partners as a natural extension of our business and this helps customers procure the best cost effective solutions that are easily deployable and are user friendly. Lastly it also helps them profit by offering post sales service assistance and technical support.