Mobile Market Is Always Unpredictable: Mukaddas Shaikh

Mobile Market Is Always Unpredictable: Mukaddas Shaikh

B Swaminathan

Ujjain: Ujjain based Imran mobile store is nearing 15 years in the mobile industry. Cell IT manages to interact with Mukaddas Shaikh, who owns the store in the region to know more about the market challenges and the way ahead. Edited Excerpts of his interaction.

Tell us a brief about your business?

We deal with all mobile and telcom products. Our wide range of products include mobiles and tablets.  We mukaddasare a multi brand showroom serving the customers wide range of mobiles and tablets of all renowned national brands Intex, Lava and international brands such as Apple, Samsung, VIVO, MOTO-Lenovo, XIOMI, NOKIA, Panasonic, Gionee, Oppo, Sony, HTC, Honor. Huawei and more. Our target audience include both the young and the old.

In these years what the customers view towards mobile-phone had changed?

Earlier, we the dealers played the role of a trusted advisor in a purchase decision. We have to educate them from the scratch. However, thanks to the increase in the internet adoption, any customer comes with basic idea and primary level of research. Our role is to provide secondary research or provide the updated inputs including the latest tech details and comparison with other brands which they might not get online.

What are the top three challenges in a market like Ujjain?

  1. I will not tell online has not become our threat ambit. It is still a threat which cannot be ignored by any retailer.
  2. The demands from the customers are changing. The trust which they used to have earlier is not these days. The customer still thinks that a retailer tried to make sky-high margins and push one particular brand.
  3. It is sad that many vendors who focus on the sale forget it is the service of the brand that will decide the fate. Some unethical retailers might not be bothered about the service. However, geniune retailers have to consider the burden of providing valuable service for the customers. For the customer, it is the retailer who is the primary contact when it comes to service. Poor services of many brands costed us in losing many valuable customer.

What are the overall trends where the sale of mobile phone is happening?Ad for News

I can say the sale is happening around in and around INR 5 thousand price factors. I will not tell price is the only factor that is determinating. However, 80% of the sale is happening on the price factor and only 20% might get convinced by the other aspects. On the brand-wise, both Indian and global brand with excellent hardware practices are making the success of the brands. I being a part of All India Mobile Retailers Association (AIMRA) had an opportunity to host a meeting here in Ujjain. We got to know many useful insights and tech trends on what is going on across the country. In the forthcoming meeting by our forums, we will be having additional insights on the trends on mobile brands.

What is your organization plans?

We are open for any brands to partner with us to get into the Ujjain market. We ensure their reach with the right customer through our regular marcom activities and in-store activities.

How you see the global brands coming offline?

This again proves that no brand can get fulfilled ignoring physical retail stores. Another thing to cherish is that the difference between online and offline rates are thinner.

What is your prediction for the mobile market this financial year?

In the current situation, we will not be in a position to predict the market. The prediction that was there in the last financial year is not happening now. Thus we are not in a position to predict anything.