Microsoft Future Decoded Buddy Mail

Microsoft Future Decoded Buddy Mail

Microsoft kicked off its two-day flagship technology and business conference, Future Decoded, where industry stalwarts came together to envision how digital transformation will empower the lives of Indians and enable businesses drive growth. The Day1 sessions showcased how Indian businesses- from large scale enterprises to startups- are adopting modern technologies, powered by the Microsoft cloud.

Microsoft along with its customers such as KPMG, Tata Motors, Apollo Healthcare, Havells also demonstrated how these businesses have digitally transformed themselves using the Azure powered modern technologies including IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

Here are some of the key highlights of Future Decoded Day1 for your quick read:

Digital Transformation
Digitization is not just about innovating, but it’s about shifting gears to a whole new way of working and staying ahead of the curve. Microsoft and its partners have built solutions powered by Azure that are enabling businesses engage better with customers, empower employees, optimize business operations and transform their products and services.

Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft addresses some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing technology professionals, such as security amid an increasingly complex and dynamic threat landscape, and the need to balance end-user preferences with technology investments that scale and deliver value. Microsoft’s AI capabilities span across agents, applications, services, and infrastructure transform what’s possible for people and organizations.

Digital transformation is causing tremendous shifts in how manufacturers do business. Leading firms are moving toward selling services instead of products, turning what used to be an expensive operation – fixing failures in the field – into the cornerstone of a successful, high-margin business. This approach decreases operational costs, creates new, recurring revenue streams, and enables manufacturers to differentiate their offerings from competitors’ solutions. But shifting from a “product-based” to a “service-based” business isn’t just about improving profits – it’s also about providing customers with better outcomes, greater reliability, and reduced risks.

Startup – 2000 new startups in India have adopted Microsoft cloud in the last one year. A significant number of these startups are driving innovation, using Microsoft’s advanced cloud services in areas such as – big data, IoT, advanced analytics and cognitive services. These businesses are also using Microsoft’s bot framework to create chat bots and AI-powered products and services. The usage of Microsoft’s advanced cloud services by Indian organizations has increased 150 percent, in the last one year.