MaStar Launches Latest USB 2.0 Flash Drive Classic C05 — Classic, Fashionable Beauty

masrMaStar, a manufacturer of excellent quality storage products, launched the latest USB 2.0 flash drive Classic C05, a fashion icon with classic style and practical design. The retractable USB connector of Classic C05 enables you to access your files easily with a simple flick of the thumb. It is designed in purple and black, matching your style perfectly. This drive embodies the spirit of classic with stylish and utility design, offering users the best experience of managing files at a friendly price.

Fascinating Fashion Icon
Combined with a tinge of mystery in purple and a noble style in black, Classic C05 can bring fashionable elegance to you. With its charming look, it can extend your glamour just by holding it with your hand. The hairline finish on its casing makes Classic C05 exquisite and anti-fingerprint, maintaining its beauty.

A Both Stylish and Useful Tool
To deliver the best user experience, Classic C05 is designed with a retractable connector. You can push it easily by flicking your finger and plug the drive into a USB port to start transferring your files immediately. The key loop integrated into the drive’s body is not only classy but also durable enough not to be broken. The capless design and the key loop allow you to carry a Classic C05 anywhere without worrying about losing the cap. Classic C05 is available in capacities of from 4GB to 64GB. All of MaStar flash drives come with a lifetime warranty, including Classic C05. For more information, please visit:

USB 2.0 Flash Drive Classic C05 Features:
● Capless design with retractable USB connector
● A stylish texture with hairline finish
● Key loop for easy portability
● Elegant and fashionable design in purple and black

Product Specification:
● Dimensions:59 x 17.7 x 7.85 (mm)
● Capacity : 4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
● Weight:10 g
● Compatible with:Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000, Linux 2.4, Mac OS
● Storage Temperature:0℃~70℃
● Lifetime warranty