Make Use Of B2B Mail Groups For Stock Liquidation: Confed President

Make Use Of B2B Mail Groups For Stock Liquidation: Confed President

Dindigul: Ramesh Kumar M, president of the Confed-ITA has requested the members of the Tamil Nadu association to make use of the B2B mail group of the association to liquidate their existing stocks.

In an exclusive interaction with Cell IT, Ramesh Ramanujam M said that the best platform to clear the pre-GST stocks is the association’s official mail group. “To my knowledge, most of the partners who are the member of the association are clearing their earlier stocks that holds VAT billing as early as possible. While many are done with the liquidation part, I would suggest them make use of the association Business-to-Business (B2B) mail group to clear the existing stocks.” Ramesh also said that the association is making all steps to ensure that the members are able to sell their existing products.

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Yet To Have Clarity:

Ramesh feels that the association members are yet to have a clarity on the GST filing. On a personal level, I will always welcome an initiative like one common tax across the nation making even a small retailer to register under the GST. “Till date the orders from enterprises were getting disturbed in the market to different freelancers and individuals who will Rameshserve for pea-nuts. However, with the new tax structure everyone comes under the tax ambit which might make the enterprise feel better to opt for a registered company.” Ramesh also feels that the dealers might have initial teething problems with the returns filings. However, in the long run, we feel that the genuine retailers in the state will have no issues with the new tax formats.



Interaction with the vendors:

Confed-ITA had decided to move closer with the vendors ahead of the GST. In a communication sent to the vendors, the associaiton had invited all vendors to organize product promotion activity cum dealer meet in all the districts through their local association. All our member association has minimum 40-50 active members whose contribution will increase your product selling and may provide win-win foundation for both of us. “, the communication says. The association, through this activity is planning to give opportunity to all the vendors to reach out to the member associations across the state.

Common service charges and days ahead:

cstThe association has come up with an advisory for collecting a common service charges for the members. According to the same, every member is given an advisory of the minimal charges to be collected for the service. The advisory, in the form of table will be circulated across the state in every shop of the members. Not just the rates, the rate advisory also tells the details of the time and distance for a service. On the member-welfare front, he said, the database updating, creating a service assistance desk under the leadership of the current Vice-president Suresh Kumar on the genuine cases of members related to warranty are in the pipe-line. Ramesh also said that during the forthcoming EC meeting in Tiruvannamalai, the pending accounts will be sorted out and there will be announcements related to sports activity will be there.