MAIT Goes Green With Its’ Successful E-Waste Collection Drive From 14th to 16th November At Plugged In, BIEC, Bengaluru.

MAIT feels proud to announce its’ successful E-Waste collection drive from 14th-16th November at ‘I AM GREEN’ stall organised  at PLUGGED IN – India’s premier consumer electronics and technology event at BIEC (Bangalore International Exhibition Centre), Bengaluru. More than 2000 people visited the stall represented by Corporates, SMEs, SOHOs and Individuals to dispose their E-Waste.

iam greenMAIT was able to achieve success for its’ E-Waste drive having visitors asking questions relating to environmental challenges, green aspects of business, e-Waste disposal and collection centres in Bengaluru at the ‘I AM GREEN’ Stall. Majority of visitors were curious to know about the ‘I AM GREEN’ Programme and best e-Waste practices that can protect the environment and improve our everyday lives.

‘E-Waste collection drive helps reduce the amount of hazardous electronic waste to keep electronic waste out of landfills, cutting communities’ dumping costs and promote safe, responsible and eco-friendly re-cycling.  At MAIT, we shall continue to organise several E-Waste awareness programmes, road shows and E-Waste Collection drives in metros for the citizens and corporate’,  said Anwar Shirpurwala, Executive Director, MAIT.  The E-Waste collection drive of MAIT at PLUGGED IN was supported by Dell, TES-AMM and Lenovo.

‘I AM GREEN’ Programme aims to prevent hazardous materials from being improperly disposed of and everybody must work towards developing greener operations in schools, colleges and businesses.

India produces an estimated 1.5 million tonnes of e-waste every year with an expected CAGR of 25% (compound annual growth rate). Out of 1.5 million tonnes of e-waste less than 10% per cent is being disposed in a scientific manner.

MAIT is hopeful that it can accomplish tremendous reductions in E-Waste as well as carbon emissions through the ‘I AM GREEN’, a national engagement programme.